Apple iPhone Air

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Apple iPhone AirWith the release of the Apple iPhone air just around the corner, Vaja has been busy making a gorgeous new case to accommodate the latest version. Made from the highest quality Argentine leather, our Vaja cases and handmade wallets are products that actually improve over time, with wear and use. How many products can you say that about? While the initial investment may be higher than a rubber or plastic cover, your Vaja cover will last for years after purchase, offering not only protection but a sleek, sophisticated look. In this age, we carry our technological devices everywhere. From our iPhone to iPads to iPods, our electronics go everywhere we go. For this reason, finding a case that boasts not just protection but beauty is important. We are aware that technological is always changing and evolving, which is why we are excited to launch our new case for apple iPhone air. We are willing to customize cases to fit what you want in a cover, not the other way around. We are willing to add cut outs where you need them and add engraving anywhere on the case. Sign up to be notified by email when the iPhone 6 leather cases are ready to go.

Apple iPhone Air or 6 - Leather Cases

We offer one of the only leather cases for iPods, iPad, and iPhones on the market. Each cover is a true original, one of a kind masterpiece with unrivaled beauty. Each time you pull out your phone, you can enjoy that rich aroma of fresh leather. You can rest assured knowing that your device can survive the occasional drop. When you consider how much important information you keep stored on your phone, it makes sense to have a cover that will serve as a buffer and protect your precious information. Customers have their choice between caterina, vitelino, floater, and anillina leathers. We pride ourselves on giving our customers as many options as possible so they do not have to settle for anything less than a perfect fit. If you are searching for that perfect apple iPhone air case, look no further than Vaja!