Premium iPhone 8 Plus Leather Cases

iPhone 8 Plus Leather Cases – A LEATHER UNIVERSE

It is no coincidence that some of the best steaks, some of the best wines and of course some of the most beautiful woman on the continent come from Argentina. Our Passion is expressed in every situation we get involved in and every time we handcraft a Vaja Leather Case, it is not an exception.

Take a look at our unique iPhone 8 Plus Leather Cases and protect your Apple device with some of the finest leather products available in the market.

Our exclusive Leather Grips are the best glass protectors for the delicate backside of your iPhone 8 Plus. But that’s not all, its Black-framed camera eyelet enhances those Instagram moments, resulting in amazing clear pictures under low light conditions. Getting a grip is getting a lifetime buddy to look after your lovely iPhone X plus.

iPhone 8 Plus Leather Wallet Case - Style and Convenience

If you like to keep your credit cards close at any time, then the Niko Wallet iPhone 8 Plus Leather Case is waiting for you. A full edge to edge protection and a magnetic pocket in the outside to hold up to three credit cards are only the top features of this fantastic Vaja Leather Case. Need more room? Have a look at our world-known Wallet Agenda iPhone 8 Plus Leather Case and keep your essentials close in an "All in one" Vaja Leather item.

The Lola iPhone 8 Leather Wallet - Style and Simplicity

We believe that a practical stylish woman needs to move light and free around town avoiding bulky pockets, thus we enhanced the ultimate LOLA XO iPhone 8 Plus Leather Case, a combination of style, simplicity and the finest Argentinean Leathers in one exclusive wristlet case. It features a removable wrist strap, a buttery soft Caterina leather lining, two pockets for credit cards and two for "extras". Believe us, it will exceed your expectations.

If you like puffy stuff, then the Matelassé Vaja selection is a perfect choice to protect your iPhone 8 Plus with great style, unique stitched designs and a touch of relaxation for your fingers every time you pick up a call.

Once you order your iPhone 8 Plus Leather Case, you will walk into a leather universe of outstanding protection, soft touch and quality.