iPhone 12 Mini Leather Cases


After what has been quite a special year, Apple has taken us by storm once again. If you own the new iPhone 12 Mini, you most definitely want to keep it safe. And if you are here, that means you recognize high quality when you see it.

Get the most out of your new device with a collection of iPhone 12 Mini leather cases that’s up to the task. We are known for our handcrafted leather goods and exquisite attention to detail. Our expert artisans work on every Grip iPhone 12 Mini leather case to ensure you get a premium quality case every single time. Some of the features include specific port cut-outs, 100% Argentinian leather, and a black frame camera eyelet that will guarantee incredible photos even in poor light conditions. We have to meet the already amazing standards for those multiple camera lenses, right?

As technology evolves we strive to keep up and provide you with one of a kind iPhone 12 Mini Nuova Pelle leather case as well. Here at Vaja, we know your device deserves the best leather and functionality.


Whether you are coming back for your fourth Vaja leather case, or you are new to artisanal leather items, it is important that you recognize the differences between our leathers. We take pride in using only the best 10% of Argentinian leather available. You will find it’s a rewarding experience even from the unboxing moment. Our iPhone 12 Mini leather cases are completely wrapped in all-weather Floater leather, to endure the test of time! Select one of our stunning colors and make sure they match your attitude. You can even customize your own Grip iPhone 12 Mini leather case if you don’t feel our “ready to ship” options are suitable for you.


You hold in your hands the most practical and minimalistic smartphone there is. But that does not mean it is not stylish or powerful. So make sure it is safe from scratches, bumps, and accidental jolts with one of our iPhone 12 Mini leather cases. Our resistant polycarbonate frames are designed to keep your iPhone 12 Mini secure, including your essentials such as credit cards, ID, and bills. Keep everything in one place with an iPhone 12 Mini wallet leather case, and say goodbye to bulky pockets.