Premium Leather Wallets


Our Premium Leather Wallet line has been created for those who enjoy giving a luxury feel to the way they carry their money or credit cards. There are several options available that can cover most customers use requirements.

Each leather wallet is precisely hand-assembled with high-quality Argentinean leather, well-known for its softness and ability to remain handsome with continued use. Just think about how many times a day you use your wallet, and each time that you pull your wallet out there is people around you. We believe in first impressions, and we want you to carry your money and cards with style whether you are in a business trip, getting a delicious meal with your special one, or getting a soccer ball for your 5 year old son.

Check out the Classic Dollar Leather Wallet, with an extremely comfortable design, it can be ordered in plain leather or in two different tones and leather textures. It features dual bill compartments and has room for up to six cards.

With a similar design but some added features, we also offer the Slim Premium Leather Wallet, our slimmest design completely wrapped with superior Argentinean leather and a minimalist design. It features a bridge leather interior, two pockets to hold up to 6 bills and 6 cards. Available in Henna, Ebony and Black.

For customers who prefer a two tone design, we have our gorgeous Lama Wallet. A minimalist, slim design that breaks in over time. Handcrafted with the best 10% Argentinean leather it features six credit card slots and a cash compartment. With a Sand Leather exterior this authentic beauty is perfectly combined with a soft Bridge Leather interior. Once you see it, feel it and smell it, you will absolutely love it.

Time for her! Ladies will also find the perfect wallet in our line. Our Luxurious Lucy Clutch fits iPhone 7 and 4.7” smartphones and it is well noted for its quality, strength and character. It features plenty of room for your essentials, three credit card slots and a perfect size wrist strap. A perfect companion for any woman.

Now is all up to you! Each day, we send many of our wallets to countries around the world and our loyal customers keep trusting us for our high quality products, high resistance and outstanding beauty.