The Vaja Premium Leather Wallet

Our Premium Leather Wallet line has been created for those who enjoy giving a luxury touch to the way they carry their money or credit cards. There are several options available that can cover most customers' use requirements. You will find the Classic Dollar Wallet, with a very comfortable design, that can be ordered either in plain leather or in two different tones and leather textures. With a similar design but some added features, we also offer the Classic Euro Wallet, intended for euro currency.


For customers who prefer vertical designs, we have two models available: the French Leather Wallet, with a bigger size or the Classic Trifold Leather Wallet, which is a more compact item. Ladies will also find the perfect wallet in our line: either the Classic Lady Leather Wallet with a vertical design, or the Classic Horizontal Lady Leather Wallet, with a horizontal design and available in three different types of leather, and many color hues.


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