Phones have become more and more necessary in our day to day lives. Since they have become so necessary more and more accessories have become available, everything from games on our phones, to phone cases doubling as wallets and hand bags, are common now that we take our phones everywhere. Customizing our phones is becoming more and more popular, people like to add a personal touch to them. Leather phone cases from Vaja are great, because they're rugged, yet you have the ability to customize the colors. Leather makes it easy to choose your color, style, and feel of your phone case. With leather phone cases it is easier to choose a color to match your school colors, or your business logo, to make your phone feel more personal. We take our phones with us everywhere, it’s a fun and low cost way to make our phones our own.

Make Your Leather Case YOURS - Customize the Colors

Leather phone cases are typically tougher than any plastic cases, and can be incredibly useful tools. Since we carry them with us all day anyways why not get some use out of them. Leather cases can be made for leather wallet phone cases, cases with covers, hand bags, and a whole lot more. The colors can also easily be changed to match your favorite sports team, or any other aspect of your life. Since phones are becoming more and more useful why not get a case that follows suit. We can now do virtually all of our business and daily tasks with our phones. We bank on them, take notes, shop, use social media, call and text, and basically everything else you would normally do on a compute or other device. Leather cases can help you stay organized and mobile. Phones have become as big as a statement as clothing. Make your phone personal and as useful as you can.

Leather phone and tablet cases are the best option for adding a personal touch and helping your phone to become as useful as possible. Vaja Cases is the top provider of leather cases. We have a variety of different options for cases, for different phones. We have a lot of different color options as well as styles to choose from. Vaja Cases makes it easy to add a personal touch to your phone, with a quality leather case. The new iPhone 8 will be here soon, are you planning on getting a customized leather phone case for your iPhone 8?

When looking for a case for your phone there are important factors to consider. Your options for cases are nearly endless, there is everything from simple cases, like plastic or rubber, to higher end cases made from leather or other quality materials. No matter what type of phone you have you probably want a phone case that protects your phone, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and something that makes your phone look good. Leather is by far the best option for a case. There are three simple reasons why leather is the best option for your phone. Leather easily beats plastic, rubber, and other materials cases are made from. Leather is cost effective, adaptable, and makes your phone look better than anything else can.

Customize Your Leather Cases at Vaja

When thinking of leather, being affordable isn’t typically the first thing that comes to mind, however in the long run a leather case can actually save you money. First off a leather phone case if going to last you a long time, which means you won’t have to constantly change cases because they keep breaking. Other types of cases often break easily and are having to be replaced very consistently. Leather is also able to protect your phone from daily wear and tear and things like being dropped. Other phone cases are a cheap accessory that can’t protect your phone. Leather can save you hundreds of dollars when it comes to protecting your phone, because it gets the job done.

Leather cases are also the most adaptable. Leather cases are easily customized and adapted to fit your needs. Leather phone cases can be handbags, wallets, cardholders, or a normal case. No matter what you are looking for Leather cases can fit your needs. Finally leather cases are also by far the best looking accessory that you can get for your phone. They can be different colors, sizes, or types and you can add your own style to them. VAJA Cases provides a variety of leather cases for different phones, all for an affordable price. Check out our leather iPhone cases, Samsung leather cases, iPad leather cases and much more. Don’t get a case that you will have to constantly replace, stick with leather and you won’t be disappointed.


Samsung Galaxy Premium leather cases

We are happy to announce that our Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ premium leather cases are ready to ship.

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Sale ends August 3rd at 11:59 PM ET


 Bridge Saddle Tan - Galaxy S8 Floater Black - Galaxy S8+

Bridge Saddle Tan - Galaxy S8 $59

Floater Black - Galaxy S8+ $59

We also updated the iPad Pro 10.5" and iPad Pro 12.9" Collections with custom versions for all designs. Come in and check it now and get 25% off using code "S8" at checkout.!



After years of providing top quality, handcrafted leather cases, we have come to believe one truth; our customers value choice. Whether choosing the leather type, grain, color, or customization options, our customers value the ability to design a product that fits their aesthetic tastes, their needs, and their preferences. Here at Vaja, we aim to provide the top quality cases and covers for your iPhone, iPad & tablet, and other electronics! We provide an alternative to the “cookie-cutter” plastic cases on the market that do a mediocre job at protecting one of your most expensive assets. Adding style and sophistication, Vaja iPhone cases will give you professional polish both inside and outside of the office.

Here at Vaja, we are always looking for ways to improve our products, in regard to function and also aesthetics. We work with our customers, allowing them to play a role in the creative process of customizing their leather iPhone case. Customers have their choice of top Argentine leathers, including floater, caterina, and bridge leather to name a few. We offer engraving options, allowing you to get creative by adding your name, a message or logo to the case. The result is a beautiful, hand-crafted, long lasting phone case that will provide superior protection and add professional polish as you enter the office.

Customizing Your Leather Phone Case

As you scour the market for a new iPhone 8 cover, you may run into this common problem; the beautiful cases are not the most functional and conversely, the protective covers are quite boring and lack style. The Vaja cases will keep your device scratch-free and provide superior protection in the event of a sudden drop. Made with a strong grip, you almost have to try to drop your iPhone from your hands!

Vaja’s willingness to work with customers to customize the exact case they desire is what sets us apart from other companies. Instead of settling, we give customers the creative control. The customization process is easy, as customers select the model, leather type, and color they desire online during the ordering process. Now your iPhone case can reflect your school colors, business logo, and your personal initials! We give our customers choice, which is why we maintain a loyal customer-base year after year!

With the release of the iPhone release upon us, it is time to update your iPhone and all of your accessories as well. When you take the time to consider how much time you spend on your iPhone daily between work and personal use, it makes sense to upgrade and take advantage of the exciting new enhancements.

Vaja is home to some of the most beautiful, luxury iPhone 8 leather cases on the market, making them the perfect gift for your friend or family member. The iPhone 8 will feature new details and some changes in design as well, and the iPhone 8 leather cases will reflect the updated iPhone. You have the ability to design your own case, selecting the model, leather type, and color! With cases made to fit every version of the iPhone, you never have to worry about whether or not your case will fit! Vaja products are timeless – in look, feel, and quality.

Vaja Luxury Leather - iPhone 8 Cases

Vaja Equals Luxury Leather Cases

The Vaja name is synonymous with quality. Whether you choose the buttery soft caterina leather, the grainy and gritty feel of floater leather, or the delicate feel of bridge leather, you can rest assured knowing that you are investing in a product that will last. Plastic iPhone covers, while significantly cheaper in cost, are also cheap in quality and will fail to protect your phone after a sudden drop. Considering that the iPhone 8 will have an improved camera, you want to make sure you are investing in the best protection possible for your phone. You can rest assured that Vaja iPhone 8 leather cases are as protective as they are beautiful.

In today’s fast-paced world, we use our smart phones for everything from negotiating business to taking and storing out pictures to managing our calendars to navigating directions. We invest in clothing and accessories that exude our personal style. Why not be as intentional when it comes to our technology? A sleek, sophisticated iPhone case will help you cultivate a professional polish that will set you apart from the rest.

Vaja remains at the forefront of technology and has already crafted a case for the iPhone 8 that will accommodate the new design of the updated version. With the release date scheduled for October, we will be ready with a case to accommodate your new investment!


Vaja Leather Cases and Covers - Luxury

Everyone loves a good leather case, that both protects and is stylish. Protect your electronic devices with Vaja's premium leather cases, covers, wallets, and purses.

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iPad Pro 10,5" Detachable and Grip Leather cases are now fully compatible with Apple Smart Keyboard and Apple Smart Cover.

Sale ends July 18th at 11:59 PM ET

 iPad Pro 10.5" Grip Leather Case

iPad Pro 10.5" Grip Leather Case


iPad Pro 10.5" Detachable Case

iPad Pro 10.5" Detachable Case


It is almost time to update! With the impending release of the iPhone 8, it is important to weigh the features of the new product and decide whether or not an upgrade is right for you. As fall 2017 marks the 10 year anniversary for the Apple phone, big changes and advances are in the works. With advanced features and a fresh new design, it may be difficult to resist.

So, what’s different? For one, the iPhone 8 will feature an OLED display where the front face of the device will be the display. It is also rumored that the iPhone 8 will include 3D face scanning technology to replace the Touch ID fingerprint senor that has existed in the older models.

For those of you who put your phone camera to good use, you will be pleased to know that the new camera will offer support to augmented reality through the use of 3D sensing technology. Believe it or not, the advanced facial recognition features with a 3D camera will be capable of taking 3D selfies. Additionally, wireless charging is a feature many of us have been waiting for, and it’s finally here!

iPhone 8 Leather Wallet Case

The new iPhone 8 leather case from Vaja will be on it's way when the Apple releases the iPhone! If you currently have a deluxe Vaja leather case for your current iPhone version, and are looking to continue your stylish trend and want a beautifully crafted iPhone 8 case from Vaja, fill out our form "stay in the loop" at the bottom of this page and we'll let you know when they're ready!

We also anticipate the exterior and look of the iPhone 8 to be quite different. The iPhone 8 is rumored to be in four different shades and the exterior will almost resemble that of glass.

Cost is a looming concern for many consumers who want to upgrade, but fear that the price point will be unrealistic for their price range. However, there is reason to suspect that the iPhone will not be as expensive as we originally believed. A low-end iPhone 8 is reported to cost approximately $1000, with some predicting it could swing even lower, in the $800 range. If you have ruled out upgrading based on price, you may want to reevaluate.


There are a lot of perks to owning a smart phone, especially the iPhone. You are more connected to the world, and it can help make your day to day life easier by connecting everything in your life to your phone. There are a ton of apps that you can use for whatever you need them for. One of the best perks to having an iPhone is all of the accessories that you can get to improve your phone. The upcoming iPhone 8 Cases and iPhone leather cases are one of the many choices that people choose to upgrade their phones. One of the best things about iPhone upgrades is that many of them are customizable.

Customized Leather iPhone Cases and Covers

You can choose the added features and colors of your accessories to best suit your needs and style. Whether you want something that only does the basics, or you want to turn your phone case into your wallet as well. You can customize your case to do whatever it is you need it for. Having an iPhone is great but you can make it even better by customizing your case. Not only can cases protect your phone from breaking easily but they can make your life easier by combining different parts. Phone cases can double as purses, wallets, and passport holders.

Vaja Cases provides a variety of different cases for your iPhone that can all be customized however you want. We offer a variety of colors for whichever case you decide to use. The upcoming iPhone 8 is going to be the best phone yet and having a good case for it will make it even better. Our iPhone 8 cases will be able to give you what you want, and be able to protect your phone while also making it stylish. Leather is typically a popular option for cases. It gives your phone a good feel and leather is easily customizable with color and style. iPhone leather cases can be a much needed addition to your phone. The cases at Vaja Cases are all quality made and can be customized to fit all of your needs.

The iPhone 8 is on its way and it is exciting and the new iPhone 8 leather case from Vaja is being worked on with careful hands as you read this. This phone is going to be Apple’s most advanced and have more features then any of their previous phones. The new iPhone is going to be revolutionary and will include a new design. The display screen is going to be bigger than ever making it easier to watch, stream, and play from your phone. With every new iPhone release our phones become more and more useful and we can incorporate more parts of our lives with them. It is easier than ever to work from your phone, stay in contact with friends, and stay updated with social media.

The iPhone 8’s camera is reported to be the best and will include features for virtual reality. It has also been reported that the new phone will include more storage then previous phones allowing you to hold more data and not worry about taking up too much space. There are many different advantages of getting the new iPhone. All of these potential updates will help make your life more connected and easier to be on the go. There are most likely many updates and features that we will know about in the near future.

Ready for the iPhone 8 Leather Cases?

The New iPhone 8 Should, More Advanced

No matter what you use your phone for the new iPhone will have new features and applications for you. If you use your phone to stay in touch and connected with social media the new camera and wider display screen will help you do that. If you use your phone for work the extra storage will definitely be a plus, and wireless charging will make it easier to be on the go. Whenever a new iPhone comes out the phone isn’t the only thing that becomes better and more advanced. The accessories to the phones also become better. Whether it be the headphones, charger, cases, or anything else. The accessories always step up and meet the expectations of the new and improved iPhone.

Everyone Wants the New iPhone 8

The smarter our phones get the more uses they have and the more we can incorporate them in different aspects of our life. People use their phones for many different things. There are those who take a lot of pictures and videos, some use their phones for gaming, and others for purely work. No matter what you use your phone for there is no doubt that the iPhone is the most popular choice for all types. The iPhone is typically the most anticipated piece of tech every year. With every new iPhone Apple announces new features, applications and uses. The iPhone 8 is reported to be bringing some big changes and improvements. Weather you use your phone for work, social media, gaming, or anything else, the iPhone 8 is going to be the phone to have. There will be many ground breaking features including wireless charging, and augmented reality features. There will be many other features included, and many that have yet to be announced. The iPhone 8 is expected to be the most advanced phone yet.


A Custom Limited Edition Case for Dad

A special gift for Dad on Father's Day. We created a special limited edition for his day, Our classic Wallet Agenda with added Sterling Silver accents that's now available for iPhone 7 Plus.

Plus with code "DAD17" you get a 20% discount on this Limited edition case and you can also apply the discount on any purchase over $200. The Wallet Silver its a limited edition and as its a Custom Built product it will take sometime to reach your hands, so hurry up don´t miss this awesome present for Dad.

iPhone Leather Case for a Fathers Day Gift

If you're dad owns an iPhone 7 Plus, there is no doubt that he'll just love this custom limited edition deluxe leather phone case. Build just for dad, he'll be sure to show it off to his friends. It's a beautiful looking, yet rugged case perfect for the dad that is somewhat "rough" on things. Built with full button functionality, this leather iPhone case is one of a kind. Be sure to check this leather case along with our many other deluxe, very stylish iPhone leather cases online today!

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