The IPhone 8 is on its way! Get ready for new features, better technology, and another phone case. Phone cases are a must for IPhones. They are an investment they need to be protected from accidents. Cases are a simple and cost effective way to protect your phone. However cases can be so much more than just a good source of protection. There are many cases that double as wallets and purses, making them useable for many different purposes. Cases can be used for many different things, and have even become somewhat of a fashionable trend. With so many cases and options available it is important to choose correctly and get a good quality case that is going to last and be able to make sure your phone is secure. At Vaja Cases we provide a variety of leather phone cases that are the top of the line in quality and very affordable.

iPhone 8 Leather Cases - On Their Way!

Not Just iPhone 8 Leather Cases, But Cases and Covers for Samsung and Blackberry

We provide a variety of cases including wallet cases, clutch cases, and many different versions of a basic case. The best part about our cases is that they are all customizable! You can customize your case to fit your needs, and even add some personal touch to make it match your style. No matter what your needs or taste are, Vaja Cases has the perfect case for you! We provide excellent leather cases that will protect your phone from damage, and can double as your wallet or clutch. The IPhone 8 is expected to be the best IPhone yet, and you need a case to match it!

Vaja Cases provide top quality leather IPhone cases, that will help protect your phone and even make it more stylish. Our cases are customizable so you can create exactly what you want it to look like, and what features you want your case to have. The iPhone 8 will be coming out soon, time to start looking for that perfect case. Vaja Cases are exactly what you need to give your IPhone a little extra!

If you have been looking for an exceptional case for your smartphone, you could consider the unique metallic leather iPhone covers from Vaja Cases. You have seen the exclusive leathers and designs Vaja puts out, but the phone covers you will find at Vaja Cases are the newest designs made from distinctive materials. Yes, distinctive even for Vaja. We’ve made it our goal to create well-designed covers and cases for the devices you can't live without, but to also go a step further using the finest quality materials. The results are leather cases that are unrivaled by any other.

Vaja's Leather Metallic Phone Cases

The smartphone covers from Vaja Cases are made with the same high-quality Argentinean leather Vaja is known for. It is from the top 10 percent and is selected for the strength and grain as well as the quality. Vaja's dyeing and tanning processes are proprietary, methods that bring out the best of the leather. When it comes to the metallic leathers, you will be amazed at the supple feel these vintage-look covers have. You will also appreciate how well they fit and the thorough protection they offer your valuable device.

Beautiful Vintage Deluxe Leather Phone Cases

The phone covers Vaja Cases designs are customized to the latest generations of smartphones, it doesn’t matter what version of iPhone you have, you can trust that the cover you order will not just fit like a glove, but that the cutouts will precisely match your phone. That means you will never have to give up functionality for fashion. Plus, no two phone cases from Vaja are alike so, when you opt for a metallic leather case for your iPhone from Vaja, you know that you'll never experience the embarrassing moment of bumping into someone else who has a case like yours. Outfit your smartphone in the distinctive leather cover it deserves from Vaja Cases.

Perhaps the most anticipated product every year is the iPhone. With added features and improvements every year, everyone is always looking to get theirs. The next upcoming is the iPhone 8, and it’s expected to be the best one yet! iPhone accessories have always been a must, such as cases and screen protectors. The accessories for the iPhone 8 are expected to be even more useful and stylish. Leather phone cases are among the accessories that have the most variety and uses. Due to there being so many options it is important you choose correctly. Many cases break easily and can’t protect your phone from damage. Spending money on an iPhone and having it break due to a faulty case would be horrible! Everyone needs their phones to communicate with their families, for work, and recreational uses. Vaja Cases are among the best leather iPhone cases on the market. Our cases are durable and able to protect your phone from damage. Not only are our cases great at protecting your phone, but they also add more style and uses to your phone. But... when is the actual iPhone release date, something we are all wanting to know.

iPhone 8 Leather Case

Phone cases have transformed from a phone protector to a fashion trend. Vaja Cases are both trendy and useful. We provide many different kinds of cases, which can be customized to fit your needs. Weather your looking for a simple iPhone case or even a wallet or clutch, we have products that fit exactly what you are looking for. Our leather iPhone cases are excellent in the quality of product, and its usefulness. Leather cases are among the most fashionable and protective for your phone. At Vaja Cases we provide the best leather cases around for the iPhone. With the iPhone 8 soon approaching you should start looking for your next leather case now!

If you are looking for a leather case for the iPhone 8, then look no further than Vaja Cases! We provide top notch leather cases for iPhones all for an affordable price.

We all love our iPhones, better yet, we all love getting a new iPhone once it's released. Many are asking when is the new iPhone 8 coming out? Or, what's the iPhone 8 release date? While nobody but Apple will know when the new iPhone is released, we can't help but to be excited. From the iPhone 5 through the iPhone 7, we have been created some of the finest custom deluxe leather iPhone cases on the market. We have a huge following because we allow our leather iPhone cases to be customized. We too, are asking when the new iPhone will be released! Then, everyone will want a new leather iPhone 8 case from Vaja... that you can customize online!

When is the new iphone 8 coming out

Get an iPhone 8 Leather Case Customized to Your School Colors

There are many organizations, schools, and other types of functions that are ordering iPhone leather cases from Vaja, customizing them for their company logo colors. We've had schools order the stylish leather cases where they can customize the colors online, to match your school logo or mascot! Our leather is made from the finest Argentina leather, making it a rugged leather case to protect your new beautiful iPhone. We're expeciting the new iPhone 8 to be released later this year, and we'll be ready. The last few iPhone releases has found us backed up with orders every time.

We have iPhone leather cases that come with specific colors, we have some that you can customize, plus our leather cases collections such as the Black Collection and the Vintage Metallic Leather cases. If you're looking for a case plus a wallet, we have those too. If you're still using previous versions of the iPhone, and do not plan on upgrading to the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 just yet... we have leather cases for most versions of the iPhone including the iPhone 6, iPhone 5, the iPhone SE and more. Check our cases online and get ready to see some of the finest leather phone cases... Everyone likes a Vaja Case, make it yours today!




Unless you happen to be a skilled leather artisan, you won't be able to make an iPhone leather case with your own colors. Typically, you would be limited to the colors and designs that smartphone case manufacturers offer. For some people, that is enough but for others, it is not even an option. If you are one of the people who don't just want but need a unique phone cover that can't be found on any department store rack, Vaja Cases has the solution for you. Vaja not only has an array of exclusive iPhone case designs, but they also partner with you to create your very own cover using the leather colors of your choice.

Making iPhone Leather Case With Your Own Colors

Making an iPhone leather case with your favorite colors may not turn out to be as easy as it sounds. The difficult part is in choosing just one from the numerous distinctive designs Vaja offers. Whether you want the full protection of a wallet case, the open-faced coverage of a Grip, or the extra storage options that come with a clutch design, Vaja has them all. Then, once you narrow down a design, you'll have a wide selection of leather colors that mix and match to create the stunning phone cover you've always dreamed of.

Customizing phone cases with Vaja is a treat for you and your phone.

Of course, the simple answer is to not choose, but to create more than one iPhone leather case with Vaja, customizing your own collection of phone covers in colors that coordinate with your wardrobe, your vehicle, or in your favorite hues. Vaja uses only the top 10 percent of quality Argentine leather, so you know that your Vaja case will last and last. Plus, with several different cases on hand, you will have one for whatever mood strikes.


Now is the time... if you're still looking for a unique and very cool Christmas gift, VAJA has some of the best luxury phone cases you'll see. Many styles and colors to choose from. We have leather cases for the iPhone 6, leather cases for the iPhone 7, Samsung, Blackberry leather cases and much more. We also have some beautiful collections of leather phone cases such as our Black Label and Vintage Metallic Leather phone cases.

Perfect Christmas Gift - Save Now Online

Choose from various designs, styles, wallets, journal covers, key rings and much more. Our leather is the finest Argentina has to offer,. some of the most rugged and soft leather you'll find. These covers and cases provide great protection from the phone and you'll find people wanting to know where you got your phone case.

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iPhone 7 Leather Cases


You've already took the next step and bought yourself a new iPhone 7. Now complete your iPhone 7 and compliment it with a deluxe leather case. Choose from many styles and colors, all hand-crafted with the finest leather from Argentina. Add rugged protection for your iPhone 7 with a beautiful leather phone case from VAJA!

iPhone 7 Premium Leather Cases 

iPhone 7 Plus Premium Leather cases

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View our iPhone 7 Leather Cases


With the new iPhone 7 coming out recently, there has been a lot of excitement of the new features and accessories involved with it. With an expensive purchase like an iPhone it is important to protect it. Cases are becoming a more popular and easy way to protect your phone. Not only are they good at protecting your phone but they can also help improve the look of your phone. Vaja Cases provide excellent cases that not only look good, but they can successfully protect your phone from accidents and other incidents. There are many different options that you can choose from to best suit your taste and style.

iPhone 7 Leather Cases

Phones are an expensive yet necessary tool we use in our daily lives. iPhone 7 leather covers are a simple way to protect your phone and keep it functioning at its best. Vaja Cases provide various options with design and color. Leather gives your phone a good feel along with an excellent look. Different phone covers offer different features. For example some phones come with card holders, others close magnetically. These accessories can make it easier to carry everything you need, or just add a different look. With cases being so popular it is important to get a case that can protect your phone and can keep up with the daily wear and tear you go through. Cheap cases typically wear out quickly and break easily, and many times the phone will break as well. Leather cases can withstand daily wear and tear, and can protect your phone, without having to break the bank.

Overall iPhone 7 leather covers are an excellent choice when it comes to not only protecting your phone, but helping to improve its look. Vaja Cases creates beautiful, luxury cases with a variety of styles and colors to choose from, and all at an affordable price. It is important to get a case that can protect your phone so you can continue with your day to day tasks that require it. Make it yours today, check out our luxury leather iPhone cases online.

Looking for an iPhone case can be a little difficult, especially when there are so many options and brands available. Cases are an essential accessory to phones, and help to extend a phone’s lifespan as well as protect it from damages. Looking online can help you see your options better, and what cases would be best for your phone and your style. However looking online can be difficult because there are so many cases, styles, and quality, and sometimes it is hard to tell what you are getting. Vaja Cases is a reliable supplier of various types of cases and styles that can best fit your needs.

iPhone 7 Case Online - Buy VAJA Today

Buying an iPhone 7 case online needs to be done carefully. There are a lot of phone cases that are cheap, low quality, and will not benefit your phone in any way. It is important that you buy from a trustworthy brand to ensure you will get your product in a timely manner and that product will be a quality product. Shopping online is an amazing tool, and is able to show you a wide arrangement of products and prices, however it is hard to determine quality. Some products may be overpriced, others may intentionally be cheap. Vaja Cases offer excellent quality cases at affordable prices. You know you are getting quality products, because they are a respectable brand with a good track record. Going with a safe and respectable vendor will help ensure you get the case you want for a fair price.

Don’t make buying online harder than it needs to be. Go to a good brand where you can have a variety of options for good prices. Buying iPhone 7 case online doesn’t need to be a hassle, and you don’t need to wonder if you bought a good product or not. With Vaja Cases you know that you are getting quality products that will be able to protect your phone and add style to it as well.

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