iPhone 8 Premium Leather Cases

iPhone 8 , iPhone 7s, iPhone Edition? Hundreds of rumors stating different names, we are used to this, every Year around the 2nd quarter rumors start spreading all around. Although we have been in this business for the last 18 years, we still don´t have access to this type of info from Apple, they keep it tight, thus we need to rely on rumors. Rumors are all around these days so lets go for what we think are the most relevant points we have learned from several selected rumors about the upcoming "iPhone".

iPhone 8 Premium Leather Case

The Pending Release of the new iPhone 8

As the release of the iPhone 8 gets closer and closer more and more details begin to surface. Everyone is highly anticipating the showcase so we can know all of the features that the new phone will include. The iPhone 8 will be a great decision for all types of phone users. Along with wireless charging and augmented reality features, the iPhone is expected to have many other features. Some of these features include things such as improved camera and filming abilities as well as a larger display screen making it easy to do more things on your phone. Overall all of these added updates and features will help make the iPhone 8 one of the most anticipated smart phones ever. No matter what you use your phone for the most, there are going to be features and advancements that will make your life easier and more connected.

iPhone Edition Leather Cases or iPhone 8 Leather cases

We think both names are going to be used, The new device will be called iPhone 8, but there will be an upscale version of it, which will be a little nicer, details to follow. Rumors also state that The new device will be launched with the upgraded versions of the actual iPhone 7, without any design change, just a iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s plus, iPhone 8, iPhone edition. Our new iPhone 8 leather cases should fit perfectly, just as our iPhone 7 leather cases look.

iPhone 8 Leather Cases

Design edge-to-edge screen display?

Rumors point out that Apple is testing several devices with actual iPhone 7, cause of the edge to edge screen. Four speakers, similar to the iPad Pro line (check out our iPad Pro 12.9" leather cases), wireless charging, rumors point to a wireless inductive charging similar to the one they use on the Apple Watch instead of the long-range wireless charging technology.

So when is the new iPhone release date ?

iPhone 8 release date is expected to take place as usual in an event that Apple will host around mid September and will be launched alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus versions. iPhone Edition release date, rumors that we have selected point to a later release date, near the end of October. We will be uploading new info as it becomes available during the upcoming months, so keep coming back every now and then.

Some of the Features that are Expected in the new iPhone 8

The home button will disappear, the iPhone 8 may not have the home button. The charging should be the same as it's predecessor, it should include wireless charging which is one of the best features of the previous version! The iPhone 8 should have the edge-to-edge display as mentioned above and a faster A11 processer.

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