Premium Leather Bags

Not many things get better with age and use as our Vaja leather bags. Handcrafted with the best 10% Argentinean Bridge leather, our premium bag selection offers the most exquisite yet relaxed collection such as our Messenger leather bags and our ultimate release... The Explorer Vaja leather backpack!

Leather bags popularity remains a staple in the fashion industry and this season we decided to embrace our free-adventurous side with our Vintage Leather Backpack. With plenty of room to store and protect your essentials, this well-made leather companion will accommodate your belongings as you navigate your day. It features an unstructured interior for you to fit and protect up to a 13” laptop, gorgeous fabric and leather lining, adjustable padded straps (ideal for long walks) and a remarkable light weight. Give it a try! Our vintage leather backpack is ready to explore new paths with you.


Veg-Tan Bridge Leather is well known for its unique attributes such as a natural patina developed with age, trust us when we say that it only gets better with time! A natural oxidation process occurs from contact of the leather oils with your skin. The important point about this is to let you know that at the end, no two leather bags are exactly alike.


Ok, let’s talk about our Leather Messenger Bags. First, picture yourself drinking a Café au lait at Champs-Elyseés in Paris… Suddenly you start watching people pass by and you easily identify those who like to carry their stuff in regular backpacks, those who prefer a briefcase and those smart folks that stand out above all and like to take all their essentials in a relaxed Messenger Leather Bag. Which one would you be? In Vaja Cases we believe in style and our Bag collection speaks for itself. Our 13” and 15” Messenger leather bag features an internal sleeve to keep your laptop safe, a 58” adjustable shoulder strap, a large zippered pocket for extras and a unique front flap with two magnetic closure positions. It is available for custom version in a vast quantity of colors to match up with your personality! Choose your favorite color and never worry about leather bags, they are always used by two generations.