Premium iPhone X Leather Cases


The mystery has been unveiled, there is no home button, you can surf a wave with the iPhone X in your pocket or you can even express your emotions through a white Panda with the Animoji Feature. If you belong to the lucky ones that are about to experience their first facial recognition, you must be wondering how are you going to protect your magnificent buddy without losing style? Well, Let us take care of that! Because that´s what we do best.

The Apple´s 10th generation iPhone X, is a master piece of art, fully covered with glass that you might want to protect. We believe that each one of our unique leather iPhone X cases are an extension of personality and today you are about to select the one that best fits yours.

Take a look at our Grip selection and feel the soft leather through your fingers. A hard polycarbonate frame gets embraced with the finest premium Argentinean Leathers protecting the back of your astonishing Apple iPhone X. Some of the features include a premium leather lining and a black framed camera eyelet for absolutely massive pictures under low light conditions. Select your favorite color, get a grip and add grip to your iPhone X!

Vaja Leather Cases for the iPhone X Offer Protection

Need more protection? Our beautiful leather cases for the iPhone X offer comprehensive edge to edge protection for your ultimate 5.8 OLED screen and for the backside as well. Available in soft Veg-Tan Bridge Leather and in All-Weather Floater Leather, this handcrafted iPhone X Leather Case has an embossed premium leather lining, a clamshell magnetic closure system, made out of rare earth magnets that will keep your iPhone X secured at any time.

We just love to spoil our loyal customers!

Beautiful iPhone X Leather Cases

Looking for an iPhone X Wallet Leather Case?

Great choice, why would you go around with bulky pockets if you can carry all your essentials in one single and sophisticated leather piece of art! Our Apple iPhone X Wallet Leather Cases have the ultimate RFID secure system to protect your cards, their features include 3 credit card slots + 1 extra pocket for folded bills and they offer full protection and outstanding functionality. There is nothing that compares to the quality and craftsmanship of Vaja's leather wallet cases for your phone. Made from the finest materials, allowing you to keep your phone with your other valuables.

Finally, We enhanced our Leather Cases with Qi Wireless Charging technology, this way you won’t have to undress your iPhone X every time you need to charge it. Always a step ahead.

Keep it safe and get a Vaja iPhone X Leather Case.


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