Leather Waterproof Spray

  • Vaja recommendation: Prestige Water Stop

    Stay Dry! Better safe than sorry. Evenly spray this leather waterproof spray - from a 12 inch distance - on your leather goods and wait for twenty minutes while the magic happens. This will waterproof smooth leather, nubuck, suede, fabric and velvet, and protect them from accidental spills or rain. It will not modify the color of the fabric while still adding a thin layer of protection against liquids.


    Spoil your leather goods!

    Here at Vaja we know a thing or two about leather… and we also love to take care of our leather goods so they remain incredible for a long time. That’s why we highly recommend the best waterproofing spray to protect your precious leather cases, wallets and such. Don’t forget to use it in a well-ventilated area! Your Vaja leather goods will thank you.

    • Spray-on liquid to waterproof your leather goods
    • Net Cont.: 150ml
    • Dries in twenty minutes