Leather Waterproofer Cream

Size: 23 ml.
  • Introducing our Vaja Waterproofing Cream. Not only preserves the supple texture of your Vaja leather but also offers effective waterproofing, shielding your leather from moisture and spills. With its delicate Italian formula, our waterproofer imbues a pleasant tactile sensation while delivering robust protection. Additionally, it nourishes the leather, aiding in hydration and addressing cracks for long-lasting durability. Simply use a dry cotton cloth to apply the cream sparingly, ensuring even coverage across the entire surface. Allow the cream to be absorbed for 10 minutes before using a cotton cloth or soft brush for a luster finish. Please note that in Bridge leather, the color may darken, hastening the desirable Patina process. While water and coffee spills may initially absorb, they will eventually dry, unlike untreated leather. Do not use in Pull-up leather. Treat your leather essentials with the care they deserve and enjoy the enduring beauty of Vaja craftsmanship.