Custom GTR Nuova Pelle Cover for iPhone 14 Pro Max

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Handcraft process will take 10 days $199.00
-Suitable for iPhone 14 Pro Max -Apple MagSafe Ready -Reusable adhesive backing with MagSafe magnets -Washable adhesive backing for more than 100 uses -Does not protect borders -Easy button access -Fully wrapped in Patagonia leather.
Introducing the GTR Nuova Pelle Cover. Handmade using the finest Patagonia leather, this iPhone 14 Pro Max leather cover not only provides a soft touch but also enhances the grip of your phone. With its compatibility with Apple MagSafe accessories, attaching and detaching the cover from your device is hassle-free thanks to the adhesive backing and MagSafe magnets. The cover's sleek design ensures that your phone's screen and back are protected, while the buttons remain easily accessible. Additionally, you can customize and personalize the Nuova Pelle Cover to suit your preferences.
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