Premium Customizable iPhone X / iPhone Xs Leather Cases

Can you imagine getting the chance to create your own iPhone X / iPhone Xs leather case? Which leather type would you pick? A Natural Vegetable tanned “Bridge Leather” that ages gracefully based on daily use, or our All-Weather Floater leather that’s impervious to the elements and remains as it looked on day one, for a long time.

What color would fit the best with your lifestyle?

We all want to protect our devices from daily hazards. Perhaps we are somewhere out of town capturing a precious Instagram moment and your iPhone slips off your hands hitting the ground…you didn´t even have time to react. There is no need to worry about that scene if you have your iPhone X / iPhone Xs protected with a Vaja leather case. Our cases offer a four corner protection, completely wrapping your baby with the best 10% Argentinean leather, adding a perfect grip and outstanding soft touch.

The hard polycarbonate frame is designed to protect your device from falls, the leather is carefully placed over the frame one by one by our leather artists to literally create pieces of art.

Once you feel the leather in your fingertips and smell the delicious leather aroma you will understand that there are regular protective cases on the market, and there are unique and personalized premium leather cases, completely handcrafted and designed to impress.

Easily select your favorite options for your custom leather iPhone X / iPhone Xs case. Choose your color, choose your leather. Be sure to read about each of our leather’s characteristics in our leather section. There are no two iPhone X / iPhone Xs leather cases alike.

Still, don´t know which model is the right one for you?

Maybe you prefer a minimalist floater black grip with Neo silver accents, or maybe you are leaning more towards something that will completely protect your screen with a flip cover, such as our Top case. Maybe you’ll end wearing a luxurious clutch with a detachable magnetic grip. Each style is unique, unbelievably good looking and designed to protect your iPhone X / iPhone Xs with style.