Custom iPhone 7 Leather Cases

Custom Premium iPhone 7 leather cases

Our complete selection of handcrafted premium leather cases exclusively designed for the Apple iPhone 7, ranging from our classic Leather Grip case for those that want just that, a better Grip and a Cabrio design, or the Flip Top leather case, with a top opening cover for the screen that has a magnetic clamshell closure, or the iPhone 7 Wallet leather case that offers 4 pockets for Credit Cards and and extra one for folded bills, or the minimal Leather Back for those that don´t like the extra bulk a regular leather case has, but still need some extra grip and camera protection, or the award winning Lola XO premium leather wristlet iPhone 7 case, that's wallet with a detachable Grip and wristlet,  or our Luxury iPhone 7 Crystal case line that includes a Grip and Top flip designs manufactured with our exclusive Buttery soft Caterina Leather plus more than 40 Genuine Swarovski crystals embedded by hand, or the unique Two-Tone Grip LP for those that understand that extra touch, or the Premium Book style Nuova Pelle iPhone 7 leather case, thats has an upgraded magnetic closure system for faster access. We are sure that you will find a premium iPhone 7 Plus leather case that can fit your needs, but if you have any other needs, please feel free to send us an email to with your requirements.