The Leather iPhone Wallet Cases by VAJA – A Combination of Luxury and Style

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What a charming device that Apple has released this season! iPhone lovers continue to be amazed by iPhone 11 new features, and there is no wonder why… Its new camera is absolutely amazing. When you finally have the new iPhone 11 in your hands, you want a case that effectively protects it and looks great while doing it. The best iPhone x wallet case and iPhone 11 wallet case so far is Vaja´s. They have become the must-have fashion accessory of the season. With a unique design and fully wrapped in premium Argentine leather, our leather iPhone wallet case features 5 credit card slots, an inner compartment for a couple of folded bills and it is available in multiple colors.

Vaja's beautiful leather protects your iPhone

When your iPhone is outfitted by Vaja Cases you can be confident that it will be well protected from accidental bumps and scratches while looking stylish 24/7. Completely handcrafted by our leather artisans, each leather iPhone wallet case is designed to provide edge-to-edge protection for your device. At Vaja Cases, we hand select every piece of leather used for our cases from the 10% of Argentine leather. Assuring you an iPhone 11 wallet case that is durable and appealing at the same time. And we don't reserve the leather for just the exterior of our cases. We like to line the interior of our device covers with leather lining, as well, to fully envelop your hi-tech device in luxury. Don't settle for just another phone case. Come to and get the iPhone 11 pro max wallet case that the phone deserves.

Leather iPhone Wallet Cases

Finding the best iPhone 11 wallet cases

Generic, mass-produced iPhone cases are readily found in malls, stores, and online vendors on the web. Finding the best iPhone 11 wallet cases, custom made to fit your specific phone and preferences can be a little more challenging. Vaja is a reputable company that supplies its customers with the finest quality leather covers for iPhone, iPad, tablets, notebooks, and other electronics. What sets us apart from the rest is our commitment to creating only the finest quality products, as well as our ability to craft products to fit the customers’ preferences.

Handcrafted leather wallet cases

Each iPhone 11 wallet case is handcrafted by skilled leather artisans who use the highest quality Argentine leather. Full-grain cowhide leather is used to ensure quality and strength. Argentine leather is extremely easy to clean. Customers find that their leather products from Vaja actually get better with time. The distinct leather aroma that we all love is another reason why so many folks choose Vaja products year after year!

Leather iPhone Wallet Cases

A leather phone case makes a GREAT Christmas gift

One of the best gift ideas for this Christmas season is custom cases for iPhone 11. With a brand new iPhone out, one of the things that some people forget about is the case. Keeping that new phone protected can be expensive, and most cases are dull as they can be. You want a custom case that expresses your, or the person you are buying for, individuality. The best way to get a leather case that expresses that is by buying iPhone 11 pro wallet cases for iPhone right here at Vaja Cases.

We believe that your phone case should look exactly how you want it to

The best way to do that is to let you in on the leather iPhone 11 case design process. You can customize just about everything on your new iPhone case. You can start with the leather texture, move on to color, and then finish with a classy custom monogram or another lettering. This way, you have a phone case whose color matches the owner’s preference and even tells the world who owns the phone. The case is made by VajaCases, so you know that it will do a great job of protecting the phone and that the phone will remain useable. It truly is the best of both worlds.

For those who prefer an extra touch of protection, we launched our iPhone 11 pro max wallet case with magnetic closure. An enhanced version to keep your Vaja wallet closed anywhere you go. Keep your device protected and get a Vaja leather case!