Meticulously Handcrafted iPhone Xs Max Leather Cases and Wallets

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So you've upgraded your iPhone and now you find yourself looking for iPhone XS Max leather cases and covers. Your search is over with Finding a perfect case is not easy when there are many options available in the market. At Vaja Cases, we do not only have the latest, most gorgeous leather cases around for mobile phones, but we design and handcraft them ourselves with top-notch Argentine leather. We can't take all the credit, though, because with each and every case we sell, we encourage you to make it yours. Whether you want a full case with a cover offering full screen protection, or a Grip, that keeps your phone screen visible at all times while still protecting it, you are invited to choose the design that best fits your needs and pick out the leather and color of every iPhone XS MAX case and cover you buy.

Soft Leather iPhone Cases and Wallets

Luxury and soft touch all-in-one iPhone XR leather cases

Such an advanced device capable of so much requires the best kind of cover for protection and ease of transport anywhere you go. In view of such need is what prompted Vaja Cases to design fashionable iPhone XR leather cases and covers. With attention to detail and only the finest Argentina leather to work with, they assure a quality, unique product each and every time. Visit our site and find the perfect leather case to protect your mobile devices. When you want fashion, functionality and long-lasting quality, Vaja Cases has the leather phone covers you're looking for.

Leather iPhone cases in every color

It seems like nobody is making custom iPhone XR cases anymore because of the new iPhone generations. But that is a huge problem for people who still use the third generation of iPhones. If a case goes out for a third generation iPhone there are few places where you can keep using them. And even though the cases will be different than what you are used to, you will get an excellent case that does everything you need for your iPhone.

Custom iPhone XR leather cases

If you are looking to protect your precious device from accidental drops, dust, dirt or any other kind of foreign objects, there is no reason to look further than Vaja Cases. With plenty of color and leather options to choose from, our Customizable iPhone XR wallets and grips offer an edge to edge protection without compromising style and functionality. Each Vaja case is cut so that you can use every part of your phone: all the way from the touch screen to each memory card slot and jack for ear buds. Leather’s protective attributes will house your iPhone XR in a luxurious and soft case, dressing your investment for any occasion.

Leather iPhone XS Max wallet case

Simply the best iPhone Xs leather cases you’ll ever find

When you want to find the best iPhone Xs cases, you have to have a lot of things in mind. The first is functionality. Nobody wants a phone case that keeps you from using your phone. And with your iPhone, this can be a tall order. In the past, some cases have interfered with the signal your phone gets to an extent that you were not even able to use it to call or text people. Some cases even today prevent you from using the touch screen. And some of the supposed best iPhone Xs cases have manufacturers that forgot to leave holes in the case for the on button, or holes for the cable or earphone jacks. Your iPhone case needs to be able to let you use your phone exactly how you want it, whenever you want to use it.

Functionality matters

You have probably seen a lot of pictures online of phones that have been dropped on the ground. A shattered iPhone screen is extremely expensive to replace, so you need a leather iPhone Xs case to do its job, and to do it well. We make some of the best iPhone Xs cases in the business. We use premium Argentine leather and cut it precisely so that you always have a case that allows your iPhone to be used however you want it to be used.

Custom leather iPhone Cases

A piece of soft luxury

No matter which iPhone model you have, at Vaja Cases we continue dressing and protecting your devices with outstanding iPhone leather cases. Checkout our vast quantity of models available. We have iPhone leather cases for every budget, all of them with ultimate protection for your “baby”. If you are looking for a minimal grip leather case, an all-in-one wallet to keep your essentials together or a flip top case with 100% screen protection, at Vaja Cases we’ve got you covered. Do not hesitate and protect your devices with only the best quality available in the market. Once you get your first Vaja leather case, you won’t be able to dress your phone with anything else.