Build Your Own iPhone Leather Case

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At Vaja Cases, customizing your iPhone leather is a unique experience you will not want to miss. Our iPhones have become our personal assistants, they travel with us everywhere, organizing our lives and connecting us with the world. You need your iPhone to be dressed to impress anywhere you go. You need your new case to be tasteful as well as practical. At Vaja Cases its our goal to bring you long-lasting leather products without sacrificing style and functionality.

iPhone Leather Covers and Wallets

Superior craftsmanship

Fully wrapped in premium Argentine leather, in and out, our customizable iPhone leather cases are available for you in multiple color options and leathers giving you the choice to match the exterior and lining with any color you prefer. Our monogramming service allows you to engrave your case with your initials and even your companies logo.

Let us outfit your investment with the finest attire available. Our customizable iPhone leather cases will become a perfect companion. Merge yourself in our leather world and get a Vaja leather case.

Customized Leather iPhone Covers

Customizable iPhone cases

If you are tired of the generic, mass-produced plastic iPhone cases found in malls or through online vendors, maybe its time to look at Vaja Cases who is willing to customize iPhone leather cases to fit your personal preferences. When it comes to quality, no one does it better than us. Each product is handcrafted by skilled leather artisans who pay attention to every detail and every stitch. Vaja iPhone leather cases are handcrafted with the finest quality Argentine leather. Just select your favorite leather and let us take care of the rest. Our premium leather goods are world-known for their character and strength, as well as their ability to hold up for years to come.

iPhone XS MAX leather cases

If you are looking for an iPhone XS MAX leather case, and you want it to match your style and personality, look no further than Vaja. Let us provide you with a case that meets all of your needs all-in-one. Vaja’s leather goods are special for many reasons.

Customize Your Leather iPhone Case

Leather quality - Our customers have the choice to choose out from different leather options. All weather Floater leather, natural and soft Bridge leather or ultra-soft Caterina leather. All of them outstanding and full grained Argentine leathers with a rich aroma. All leather is premium, full grain cowhide, with natural markings left in the original leather to preserve richness and authenticity. Our covers have character and a richness that cannot be mimicked with subpar materials such as plastic or rubber. While these cases may be less expensive, they lack the longevity and lifespan of a Vaja premium leather case.

Become your own designer

We allow customers to design their own iPhone leather cases in our “Build your own” site. Our custom experience starts once you begin looking at our vast color selection and picking your favorite leather. We create and customize with love each cover to fit your preferences. If you have an iPhone, you don't have to worry about compatibility. Each one of our leather cases is completely designed to fit like a glove. Need a gift for someone special? Vaja’s leather goods are wonderful and thoughtful gifts for your family and friends. If you are looking to make a strong, stylish statement with your electronics, this is it! Let us help you create your ideal iPhone case or iPad cover!

Custom Leather iPhone Wallet Covers

About the leather

With Vaja, you can rest assured that you are ordering the highest quality leather goods on the market. Our iPhone leather cases are fully wrapped with the finest Argentine leather available. Our leather is non-allergenic and maintains that rich, distinctive aroma we all love! Our leather goods are strong enough to maintain their shape and integrity for many years after purchase. Each cover is hand-made one at a time to ensure the highest quality care.

A perfect skin for your device

Each Vaja leather case is durable yet flexible and will mold to fit your iPhone or tablet like a second skin. If your Vaja product is cared for properly, it will last for years. If you are interested in customizing an iPhone cover, look no further. We allow our customers to select their favorite leather lining, cutouts for speakers and camera lenses, and offer personalization options as well. Do not hesitate and start designing your own iPhone leather case!