3 New Beautiful iPhone XS MAX Leather Cases

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The soft buttery leather, the protective polycarbonate backing, and the rich aroma of the fine Argentine leather qualify this case a true one-of-a-kind. You have many choices when you shop for an iPhone case but not all cases are created equal. Vaja’s selection of cases for all version of the iPhone will amaze even the toughest critic. What truly sets apart a Vaja case from others on the market is its lifespan. Finally, you have the option to invest in a case that improves with time. Original markings are left in the leather for authenticity, resulting in a timeless, ageless case that is as beautiful as it is functional.

The sleek sophistication of a Vaja iPhone case cannot be beat


A few of our most popular cases include the wallet – iPhone xs max wallet leather case and the wallet lp – iPhone xs max leather case. These two products are a God-send for folks who need a little help staying organized. Forget having to haul both an iPhone and your wallet. Now you can combine the two in one, in a wallet iPhone case that is compact enough to fit in your back pocket.


Adding to the convenience factor, it is QI wireless charging compatible. When you order a wallet – iPhone xs max wallet leather case from Vaja, you are afforded the option of a natural veg-tan bridge leather or a soft floater leather, depending on your preference. The beauty of a Vaja case says a lot about the owner. If you’re aiming to project sophistication and professionalism then look no further than a Vaja case.

The Grip Rider iPhone XS Max Leather Case


The grip rider – iPhone xs max leather case is another fan favorite for many of the same reasons with the addition of the design being built for a tight grip. This case offers the same beauty and sleekness in the other cases, but offers an extra easy grip for those who tend to drop their iPhone more than they care to admit. The case is protective and functional but still sleek enough to slip into your back pocket or in a small handbag. That premium, soft leather will feel great as it presses up to your face to make a call.

The best way to understand the Vaja difference is to experience it

Our iPhone cases are available in a number of different colors and types of leather. With a 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing stopping you from experiencing the quality yourself.