You'll Just LOVE the new iPhone XS MAX Leather Cases from Vaja

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Upgrading to the new iPhone XS Max requires an overhaul of not only your older version of iPhone but the case you relied on to protect your investment as well. Vaja has made a name for itself in the market by offering top of the line, luxurious iPhone cases that will fit your new model perfectly. There is nothing like Vaja cases anywhere else. From the soft, buttery feel of the leather to the protection it offers one of your most expensive possessions, you will not settle for anything less than a Vaja case again!

Top quality Argentine Leather - A Masterpiece

Vaja cases are made from top quality Argentine leather local artisans who hand stitch each case, resulting in a one of a kind original. We craft iPhone covers that fit a variety of iPhones, including the latest version of iPhone including the iPhone XS Max. While our competitors are struggling to keep up with the new technology, we have already designed out sleek and sophisticated cases to fit the latest version of iPhone and offer a variety of colors and leather types to fit every kind of preference.

Leather Cases for iPhone XS Max

Sophisticated, Sleek, Beautiful

An iPhone perfectly protected in an iPhone XS Max leather case is a wonderful accessory. Take a moment to think about the thought you put into your clothing and accessories and even the car you drive. Whether we realize it or not, each of these elements is a reflection of our personal brand. Our brand is powerful and can help us look and feel our best. A sophisticated, sleek, beautiful Vaja case will help you feel as put together on the outside as you feel on the inside. Additionally, Vaja offers customers the option to customize their devices with engraving and closure preference, just to name a few. Each case is a true original, a masterpiece that only you own.

Protect Your New Investment Wrapped in Leather

Once you’ve made the investment in a new iPhone XS Max, you will most likely want to protect it with the best quality case on the market, which is where Vaja truly outshines other cases on the market. Our cases are made with a hard polycarbonate frame that will protect your phone in the event of an accidental drop. The Vaja custom iPhone Max leather case is the perfect blend of practicality and beauty!