The Beautiful iPhone MagSafe Case

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If you are looking for an iPhone 12 Magsafe case that will act as a second skin to your iPhone, look no further than the Vaja leather cases. These cases continue to be one of the highest quality cases on the market. Once you hold the soft, buttery leather in your hands, you will have a hard time going back to cheap plastic cases that crack and break easily.

Leather iPhone MagSafe Case

Vaja’s cases are perfect for the working professional who uses their iPhone constantly for work and pleasure. The iPhone 12 Magsafe leather case will enhance your professional brand. In true Vaja fashion, you can customize various elements of your case. When you purchase the iPhone Pro Max Leather Case with Magsafe, you have your options of 3 types of leather; floater, bridge, and pointille.

The MagSafe Case... a Work of Beauty

Each case is handmade in Argentina by skilled artisans who leave original markings in the leather, resulting in each item proving to be a one-of-a-kind original. The strong, distinctive aroma of Argentine leather cannot be faked. Cases are available in a wide variety of colors. Additionally, our cases can be monogramed with the initials of your friend or family member. There is something for everyone – whether your style is minimalist and understated or vibrant and bold. Each case is a true original, making our Magsafe cases a thoughtful gift for your loved ones! Vaja has a huge selection of cases for your tablet, iPhone, macbook, and other electronics you wish to protect.

Compatible, Protective, Convenience

The iPhone 12 leather case snaps in easily and pairs with MagSafe accessories, which means you no longer have to wrestle with cumbersome, loose cords any longer. Additionally, our cases pair with the MagSafe accessories including car mounts, chargers, and wallets. Upgrading to the iPhone 12 is an investment and it only makes sense to protect your new asset in one of the most protective cases on the market. How protective is the Vaja case? Each case is made with a resistant polycarbonate frame that will protect after a sudden drop. Sturdy, strong, and protective, you do not have to think twice about whether or not this case will do its job. The soft, supple leather acts as a barrier as well in case it slips from your hours. Vaja’s cases are made to provide an easy, natural grip in the palm of your hand. Rubber and plastic cases just do not compare!

Black Leather MagSafe Case

Vaja’s leather Magsafe cases make life simple!

They are made to fit the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, handcrafted with the highest quality leather, made with the toughest polycarbonate frame, and are fairly lightweight! Vaja’s loyal customers appreciate that they do not have to choose between style and function in a case since Vaja offers both style and function in one case! You will feel confident pulling out your iPhone wrapped in a sleek, stylish case in a work meeting or during a business lunch. If exuding a professional, polished brand is important to you, adding this small detail as your newest accessory will surely do the trick. The new iPhone 13 leather cases are almost ready to roll out, subscribe to our email and be one of the first to own a beautiful VAJA iPhone 13 MagSafe leather case!