Magsafe Wood & Leather Mount

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Is it time for an office upgrade? Are you feeling stifled working in the same office day in, day out? With so many professionals working from their home offices these days, many of us have reconsidered whether or not our workspaces are working for us. An organized, well-designed, and intuitive workspace has a direct impact on our efficiency and productivity. Even just a few simple additions can make a huge difference. Vaja’s office accessories will help you update your office and create a professional and comfortable workspace.

If you have recognized that it is time for a change, look no further than Vaja accessories. Updating your workspace may seem like a daunting project that it can leave you wondering where to start. The Magsafe Wood & Leather Mount makes an excellent addition to any home office, adding not just style but a functional piece to your workspace.

Leather Magsafe Mount for Charging

What is Magsafe?

For those of you unfamiliar with Magsafe technology, you will realize how much it will simplify your life after learning more. Magsafe is a magnetic technology built into iPhone 12 models by Apple. It allows you to enjoy cordless, wireless charging. With Magsafe charging, you will experience seamless, easy cordless charging as well as faster charging. Once you experience the simplicity and ease of Magsafe charging technology, you will wonder how you lived without it!

One complaint that many professionals have about their current workspace is the appearance of unsightly cords and chargers. Not only are these cords distracting and a real eye sore, but they can also take up precious space on your desk. Professionals should not have to worry about fumbling around with cords on their desk space. A Magsafe wood & leather mount easily solves this problem. Now you can quickly charge your electronics without the hassle of dealing with tangled iPhone cords on your desk. The Magsafe wood & leather mount is sleek, discrete, and makes a nice modern addition to any office space.

What makes Vaja’s Magsafe wood & leather mount special?

Each charger stand is handmade by artisans using the finest quality Argentine caterina soft leather with the base consisting of Guayubira duo-tone wood. In fact, you can even feel the quality in your hand and see the beauty of the wood in each mount. The Magsafe mount is available in 2 colors, both creating a modern and sleek vibe in your office. The mount will help simplify and declutter your workspace – creating beauty and a stylish aesthetic while also serving a function. If you are creating a minimalist vibe in your office, this is the perfect addition. Additionally, the Magsafe wood & leather mount will anchor securely on your desk without slipping or sliding on your desk. Again, this is the perfect solution to any professional seeking to design an intuitive office where every piece serves a function and has a proper place.

Leather Magsafe Mount

The modern workspace for in the office, or working at home

If you are trying to create a sleek, modern, and intuitive workspace, the Vaja Magsafe Wood & Leather Mount is a perfect place to start. Right away you can see the difference that adding one piece can make in your office. Finally, you will not have to battle with unsightly cords taking up space on your desk and can finally enjoy the sweet simplicity of a Magsafe leather mount.

In today’s world where we are working around the clock both at home and in the office, it makes sense to invest financially in an organized, intuitive workspace. Your space has a direct impact on your productivity and ability to be creative and the Magsafe wood mount is the perfect place to start.