Customizable Grip iPhone 12 Leather Case with MagSafe

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Handcraft process will take 15 days $119.00
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Leather case suitable for iPhone 12 / Resistant polycarbonate frame / Fully wrapped in Vaja leather / Customizable in Floater or Bridge leather / Four corner protection / Black-framed camera eyelet / Apple certified – Qi wireless charging compatible / Weight: 31gr./ 0.07 lb.

Customizable Grip iPhone 12 leather case

The features your iPhone needs

When you get a customizable grip iPhone 12 leather case, you get the best protection for your device. Handcrafted in soft, buttery leather, it’s ready to join you in your everyday life. With a hard polycarbonate backbone, you are safe from drops and jolts. Our black matte camera eyelet guarantees insta-ready photos even in poor light conditions! Design your own customizable grip iPhone 12 leather case here!


A match made in heaven

You already treated yourself to a new iPhone 12. Now is the time to keep it safe, and true to your style! Create the perfect color combination for your grip iPhone 12 leather case by playing with our customization tools. Vibrant, vivid colors from our Floater leather palette or earthy, rich tones from our Bridge leather collection. The choice is yours!