Vaja's Leather Magsafe Charger Mount - No Cords!

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In today’s technology-drive world, we rarely leave home without our iPhones. We rely on our iPhone for everything from communicating with loved ones throughout the day to conducting important business. Your iPhone needs to be charged and ready to go at all hours of the day. The Magsafe Wood and Leather Mount is the perfect addition to any office, making it easy to get out of the door with a full charge, ready to take on the day.

Skip the charger cords, enjoy the beauty of the Magsafe Charger

When placed on top of a the Vaja Magsafe charger mount, you can rest assured that your iPhone will be fully charged and ready to go when you need it. Magsafe technology was incorporated into the iPhone 12 to make for faster and more convenient wireless charging. There is no need to deal with the hassle of cumbersome cords any longer. The dependable grip and weightiness will ensure your mount will stay solidly planted on the desktop when you grab your phone from the charger. If your goal is to create a sleek wireless office space, the Magsafe wood & leather mount is the perfect addition. Vaja has taken it one step further to create a mount that is not only functional but beautiful as well, sure to fit the modern style of your office.

Leather iPhone Magsafe Charger

The quality of Vaja’s Magsafe Wood and Leader Mount is unbeatable!

Each piece is made with buttery soft caterina leather and Guayubira duo-tone wood that makes this piece a true one-of-a-kind. The caterina leather is available in two colors; Floater Beetle Green and Caterina Black. The mount was designed to blend in with the look and feel of any sleek, modern, minimalist office. If you are tired of having a messy office with exposed cords taking up space on your desk, the Vaja Magsafe charger mount solves this problem for you! The mount is the perfect balance of style and function.

Magsafe Charger Stand

Lightweight and built to last

The Mount itself is fairly lightweight, weighing in at 0.66 lbs. The mount is just heavy even however to prevent the charger from lifting up with your iPhone when you are ready to retrieve it from the mount. All models of iPhone 12 are compatible. If you are in the market to upgrade your iPhone to the 12, now is the perfect time to upgrade your charger to a Magsafe mount as well! Additionally, this mount makes the perfect gift for your boss or colleague who seems to have everything! They are built to last and work well in practically every office.

iPhone Magsafe Charger

Make your home office a little more stylish

In light of the COVID 19 pandemic, more and more professionals find themselves working from home, indefinitely in some cases. Knowing that more time will be spent in the home office is making more professionals rethink their workspaces at home. What kind of set up inspires you? What kind of pieces will help create an organized and comfortable home office where you can produce your best work? The Magsafe wood & leather mount is the perfect choice for owners of the iPhone 12 who want an easy, convenient way to charge their phone without the mess of tangled cords. Vaja leather products make it easy for you to uncomplicate your electronics and accessories, helping you create a space that you truly love.

Committed to our customers

he Vaja MagSafe charger mount can always be returned within the first 30 days if you change your mind. The item must be unused and in the exact same conditions that you received it, including its original packaging. All purchases through the site are 100% secure, with an easy return policy if you need to use it. When it comes to a product that you will use every single day, the investment is well worth it.

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