iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are Finally Here - Now Spoil it!

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So many rumors, what the name was going to be, was it really going to have three cameras!, how much would it cost? Everything is cleared up now and you have the new phone in your hands. How are you going to protect such beauty? Are you willing to drop it and scratch it? You need the best protection that only Vaja can offer.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Case

In today’s world, our iPhones and smartphones follow us everywhere

Our iPhone 11 Pro leather cases provide your phone with the sophistication and protection that it needs in order to safeguard all that you keep stored on your device. iPhone 11 leather cases from Vaja’s new line are beautiful, unique, and strong. The quality goes unmatched, mostly due to the fact that we use premium Argentine leather to craft only the best for our valued customers. Only the finest, strongest leather is selected. Handmade and handcrafted, our iPhone 11 Pro Max leather cases last for a lifetime, making them worth the initial investment. You will not be disappointed once you notice the stunning aroma and feel the soft leather in your fingertips.

Two beautiful types of leather to choose from

Our leather cases and wallets come in two different types of leather - Floater and Bridge. Our customers appreciate the choices and options when they shop with us. The maintenance and cleaning of our leather are especially easy! Flexible, durable, and beautiful, you will not regret choosing a Vaja premium leather case for your new iPhone. Vaja offers an entire line of iPhone 11 Pro leather cases, iPad cases, and other devices. One of the best features of Vaja’s top of the line products is the ability to design and build your own case. You can even add your initials with our monogramming options.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Wallet Case

Develops with age, weather resistant

Our soft bridge leather develops a unique patina that gets better with age. Perhaps one of the best attributes of this type. It is soft, Veg-tanned and comes in beautiful and natural earthy colors. Our Floater leather is strong, full of color and grainy. With resistant attributes, all-weather floater leather is designed to last beautiful and shiny for years. Whether you choose a bridge or a Floater leather, you will enjoy your iPhone 11 leather case since day one. No doubts about that!

Too many individuals choose generic, plastic cases to protect their precious devices. Most of them will eventually break or you might even end with a cracked screen after the first accidental drop. When you buy a Vaja leather case, you can rest assured that you are getting a true original. If you are looking for longevity and quality in an iPhone or iPad case, Vaja certainly has the cover for you. Our cases boast some of the highest quality and best design in the market.

Vaja's style and luxury iPhone 11 leather cases

When a new iPhone generation is announced, we're already working on creating absolutely massive leather cases to complement Apple's innovative phones. That can be a tough task, considering all the secrecy that typically surrounds the launching of any new Apple product. Vaja is up to the task, though, with luxurious leather cases that are just as inventive as the smartphones they're intended to protect. At Vaja Cases, we believe that it's important for you to have a quality cover for your smartphone available the minute you purchase the newest model, so that means we have to think creatively and remain flexible with the designs for the iPhone 11 leather cases. At Vaja, that's no problem. We thrive on creativity and change to ensure you'll always have the best leather cases for your essential devices.

iPhone Pro Max Leather Case - Brown

With a stainless steel and glass design, your new iPhone 11 needs to be dressed in a stylish and protective way. Our Grip iPhone 11 Pro leather case is a minimal and attractive option fully wrapped with premium leather, in and out. It features a hard polycarbonate backbone with protective properties, four corner protection and it is available in Silver options as well. Our luxurious silver collection offers three different styles of 925 sterling silver accents, a stunning silver camera eyelet to get beautiful images in drastically low-light conditions and a silver Vaja badge.

Protection and beauty wrapped in leather

If you need screen protection, check out our iPhone 11 wallet leather cases. An all-in-one gorgeous case to keep all your essentials safe with an enhanced magnetic closure system. It features four credit card slots, an extra compartment for folded bills and RFID protection for your cards. Check out our build your own section and design your dream case today. Select your favorite leathers and colors, get your initials engraved and let us dress your device to impress. look no further than Vaja Cases.

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