Protect Your iPhone XS MAX with Beautiful Leather

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In today’s world, many of us struggle to get through the day without our iPhones. We rely on our apple phones for everything from navigation to contact information. We use our iPhones to access important work emails and to take and save some of our most precious pictures. Given the importance that your iPhone plays in your life, it makes sense to invest in protecting your phone. Why not protect your iPhone XS Max with beautiful leather that will not only add style and beauty but also add protection?

There's Nothing More Beautiful than a Vaja Leather Case

Vaja is the perfect choice for consumers who are tired of cheap plastic phone covers that snap, bend, crack, and break. Vaja offers the highest quality, beautifully crafted leather cases for Macbooks, iPhones, tablets, and iPads. The best news is that they are built to last and keep up with the latest version of iPhone. Every time you upgrade, you can count on Vaja to have designed a case to provide that perfect fit.

Beautiful iPhone XS MAX Leather Cases and Wallets

Wrapping your iPhone XS MAX in a Leather Wallet Case

Vaja’s custom leather cases for the iPhone XS MAX are custom made, putting you in the design seat. The result is a one-of-a-kind cover that fits your preferences. You choose the type of leather, the color, the option of a credit hard/ID holder, and the choice to engrave. Each case is made by some of the most skilled artisans working with soft, buttery Argentine leather. The quality is unbeatable and our loyal consumers can feel, smell, and experience the difference. In terms of style and sophistication, there is no other iPhone case like it on the market.

Functional AND Beautiful

Vaja’s cases are just as protective and functional as they are beautiful. IPhones are much more fragile than many people realize. After just a few months of use, the corners begin to wear and you notice marks that weren’t there the months prior. The soft yet tough leather provides a buffer in case of a sudden drop. Given that your iPhone carries some of your most valuable information, it’s important to provide proper care and protection. You can confidently take your phone everywhere it needs to go with the proper protection.

With the release of the iPhone XS Max, now is the perfect time to update your phone and phone case! Having a 6.5-inch screen, you’ll need to upgrade your case to fit the new version. Providing the same style and utility as previous models, your new iPhone can be protected on day 1 in one of the most beautiful cases on the market!