Today is the Day! The New iPhone Models Will Be Released to the World!

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Thinking about upgrading to the iPhone XS Max when released today?

In today’s fast-paced world, it seems that a new iPhone is released just when we’ve figured out the former model. With new technology coming out every year, it’s easy to feel like you’re left behind if you don’t upgrade. If you work in certain industries, you need to upgrade in order to do your job. Are you thinking about upgrading to the iPhone XS Max when released? Perhaps learning a bit more about the version set to come out this fall will help you make up your mind.

Three New Models for the iPhone to be Released Today

Rumor has it that three new iPhone models will be introduced, the iPhone XS Max being one of them. For now, the information available on the iPhone XS Max is limited and will be revealed at an Apple event held TODAY!!! One of the models is rumored to be a cheaper version of the iPhone X with an edge-to-edge display and Face ID. There might also be a future Apple Watch as well! There is good news for folks who did not like the TouchID feature included in previous versions. The Touch ID is gone and Face ID will replace it. Say hello to the new iPhone XS, with a 5.8" screen, the iPhone XS MAX with a HUGE 6.5" screen, and the iPhone XR... a 6.1" screen.

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Security is on the mind of many apple users, which is understandable since most consumers carry some of the most personal information on their device. The iPhone XS Max is rumored to be getting an updated version of Face ID, which will provide one of the most secure facial login options. Additionally, the new model will include a faster unlock, closer range support and horizontal unlock. The iPhone XS Max will also include a larger 6.5-inch screen, 4GB of RAM, dual SIM options, and a speed boost with a new A12 chip. Your decision on whether or not to upgrade is just that – your decision. What can you expect in terms of design? In terms of design, not much will change. The iPhone XS Max is rumored to have a design borrowed from last year’s model.

Apple fans worldwide are waiting for the release for the new iPhone XS Max and other models set for release today. It’s an exciting time for Apple fans ready to upgrade! We'll carry some of the most luxurious and beautiful leather cases for the iPhone XS MAX, and the other new iPhones coming out today.

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