Beautiful leather cases for the iPhone XR

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Upgrading to the iPhone XR requires a brand-new case to protect your new investment. Detecting a lack of sleek, stylish, and well-made cases for iphones, ipads, and other electronics in the market, Vaja developed a line of gorgeous, top quality cases for the iphone. Once you feel the soft, buttery Argentine leather in your hands, you’ll have a hard time going back to the cold mass-produced plastic shell of a case again. Our new leather cases for the iPhone Xr offer beauty and character, a Vaja case is a true original.

Vaja’s selection of beautiful leather cases for iPhone XR is one of the best

The cases are designed with a protective polycarbonate backbone wrapped with top quality leather from Argentina. Each case is handmade by a skilled artisan who knows the leather inside and out, leaving markings in the leather to maintain the authenticity of the product.

iPhone Xr Leather Case

The perfect balance of style and functionality

Vaja cases stand out among others in the market because of its balance of style and functionality. Have you noticed while searching for a case that the protective and functional cases lack the style and sophistication that you would hope for in an accessory that you use as often as your cell phone? Style and aesthetics do matter and finally there is a cell phone case that provides you with the sophistication you want to exude in your personal and professional life.

Vaja’s leather iPhone cases wear well over time

When is the last time you invested in a product that actually improved over time? Vaja’s leather iPhone cases wear well over time and outlast the plastic alternatives you see everywhere. If you’re tired of replacing your plastic cases on a regular basis, you’ll appreciate the quality Vaja has to offer. In case of a sudden drop, you can rest assured that one of your most expensive investments is safely wrapped in one of Vaja’s soft yet tough cases.

Vaja allows you to custom-make a case that fits your preferences for color and other features. We allow our customers to be co-creators in what will be a beautiful and functional leather case that will stand the test of time.