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Now is an exciting time for iPhone enthusiasts! Anticipation is building as Apple is expected to launch 3 new versions of the iPhone. What can you expect? Rumors of new build materials, colors, higher processing speeds, enhanced screen resolution, and slight tweaks to extended battery life are swirling around among folks eager to get their hands on the latest devices. Let us provide you with a preview of what’s in store for 2018. Everyone will be looking for a new iPhone XS Max leather case or iPhone Xs leather case... if indeed, these are the names/versions that Apple will use. 

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It is anticipated that fall 2018 will usher in 3 new iPhone versions

The first will be the second generation of the actual iPhone X, and is rumored to be the “iPhone Xs.” The actual screen size will have a 5.8” diagonal screen, exactly like its predecessor the iPhone X. The second iPhone version to watch for this fall will look similar to the iPhone 8 Plus with a 6.5” diagonal screen, and is rumored to be named the “iPhone Xs Max.” Initially, there was speculation that this version might feature a triple-lens camera system on the back of the device for improved zoom capabilities and more developed 3D sensing. However, lately there has been talk that these features will not be rolled out until 2019.

Introducing new technology in the latest versions of iPhone

Change can be difficult for folks who have grown accustomed to certain features on their current version of iPhone. However, significant improvements have been made with the 3 new iPhones, including an edge-to-edge screen and a TrueDepth camera system that supports Face ID. Introducing this new technology in the latest versions of iPhone means the end of the Home button and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Additionally, the 3 new iPhones will include an A12 processor and improved LTE chips that will support faster LTE speeds.

iPhone Xs Leather Cases

The newest lineup of iPhones will use Gorilla Glass 6

In today’s technology-driven world, many of us refuse to leave home without our phones and we need an iPhone that can withstand all different weather conditions. It makes sense that Apple has decided that the newest lineup of iPhones will use Gorilla Glass 6, which is a durable material built to protect against even more raindrops than the previous version of Gorilla Glass that was used before. The result will be a more durable iPhone that can stand up against rain and snow.

Perfect iPhone XS Max leather case to match your new phone

Fall 2018’s new iPhone lineup also means it’s time to reevaluate the case you use to protect your expensive and valuable investment. Vaja’s line of sophisticated, high-end leather covers are the perfect balance of beauty and practicality.