iPhone Leather Cases and Premium Leather Goods from Vaja

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Just about everybody enjoys owning leather goods

The feeling and the smell of it are enough to captivate and charm any individual, anywhere in the planet. No two pieces of leather are identical and this is what makes it really cool. You get to own a premium item that no one else has. When you visit Vaja Cases’s site, you will find tons of stylish options, from simple leather accessories to functional leather organizers and premium leather bags. For almost twenty years, Vaja is committed to protect thousands of devices around the world with their ultimate iPhone leather cases, and there is no wonder why, when you unpack one of their premium items, you will understand the difference between getting a simple plastic case or the real experience of housing your device in a premium iPhone leather case.

iPhone Leather Wallet Cases

Let’s say you are planning a family trip and you are worried on how to safeguard the priceless passports, well, you just need to take a sec and checkout Vaja’s Bravo leather passport holder. A stunning piece of art designed to fit up to four passports, ten credit cards, a cash and boarding pass compartment, and much more. This lovely item is available in two different colors and it is available for immediate dispatch whether you are in Japan, Australia or in the States. Now, If you like to travel alone and experience different cultures with your bag pack and only a few important items, then you must own an Alfa leather passport holder. Available in all-weather floater leather, this passport holder features a single passport compartment, four credit card compartment with RFID protection, a currency compartment, and it is available in three spectacular colors.

Beautiful Leather Passport Holders

We love traveling, so I will continue with this subject. Who doesn’t get annoyed when you are leaving a hotel room at 11:00 am and your computer and cellphone cords decided to become best friends and you just can’t get them to untangle! Well, we are proud to tell that our Leather Bow cord organizer and our Leather Jaws cable organizer are the only leather items available in the market, with the capability of keeping your cords organized in a stylish way. They are completely wrapped in premium Argentine leather, they feature a strong magnetic clasp and they are available in many cool colors!

Airpod Leather Case

Airpod’s, sunglasses and journals.

Protecting your sunglasses with a premium leather eyeglass case, dressing your Moleskin Journal with a fabulous journal leather cover or housing your AirPods with a luxurious AirPods leather case has never been so easy. At Vaja Cases, you have countless leather accessories that will make your life easier. Checkout Vaja’s sunglass leather cases, available in plenty of fun and stylish color, ready to protect your sunglasses anywhere you go. If you like to write everything to stay organized, then you must take a look at the Journal leather covers. They are fully wrapped in soft bridge leather in and out, safeguarding your important notes while on the go.

Leather Journal Cover - Leather Book Cover

Choosing the right color and leather

A frequent question for those who are getting their first leather item is “which leather should I pick?” And we believe that every Vaja user must be aware and well informed that each leather has unique characteristics and attributes that set them apart one from the other. Let’s start with the classic Veg-tanned Bridge leather. It is special and soft no matter how you look at it. Bridge leather is always available in beautiful earthy colors and one of its main characteristics that people should know is that it will develop a natural patina with age and its color will darken dramatically once you start using your leather item. This is perhaps one of Vaja’s favorite leathers among users because it is really nice to experience how the leather becomes softer and darker after being in touch with your skin’s ph and some other natural factors. Now, for those users that prefer a more grainy and uniform color leather, we suggest going for our resistant Floater leather. Full of color and with a more grainy surface, Floater leather will keep its original color over time and will delight anyone with its colorful characteristics.

iPhone leather case

So if you are planning on updating your iPhone cover with an iPhone 11 leather case , or looking for the best iPhone leather wallet, or simply adding style to your wardrobe, now you know where to look. Getting Vaja leather is only the beginning of a unique and personalized experience. Be part of our leather family and let us dress your device to impress.

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