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Word on the street is that Vaja delivers quality, luxury, and protective leather cases. Whether it's for an iPhone, a laptop, a MacBook, or wallet, we've got you (and your device) covered. Beautiful custom leather designs that allow YOU to make the decision on what type of leather, what colors, and more. Check out what people are saying around the world about VAJA's leather goods. We are second to none when it comes to leather cases, bags, and wallets. 


The Alfa Leather Passport Holder

Alfa Leather Passport Holder

Excellent! I am so impressed with the expert craftsmanship and leather quality that I purchased two of these and I am thinking of getting another one for a friend. The size and internal pockets are very useful and well thought out in the design. Top-notch!

Dr. J. (United States)

 iPhone Xs Max Wallet Leather Case

iPhone Xs Max Wallet Leather Case

Vaja Cases Are The Best In The World

Just got an iPhone Xs Max and my Wallet Leather Case marks my 5th Vaja case, not to mention whenever savvy individuals see my case they get one too — along with my wife — I started with a case for my Palm Pilot, in the last century. THE CASES ALWAYS OUTLAST THE PHONE.

Henry H. (United States)

Grip iPhone Xs Leather Case

Grip iPhone Xs Leather Case


The best case ever iphone looks fabulous... the feeling when i touch the case is unbelievable ... is like the butt of a baby :). Thanks Vaja!

Apostolos T (Greece)

13" Laptop Leather Bag

13" Laptop Leather Bag


This laptop bag looks great in person, better than the pictures. The feel of the leather is just wonderful. I went with black and saddle tan colors. Love the combination of colors, really stands out. This bag is well worth it. The inside pouch area looks, first class. The outside pouch has enough space for the charging cable and power pack. I have the Vaja "suit leather case" as well, it fits inside this bag, so both of these offer outstanding protection for the laptop. The size of the bag is just right for the size of the Macbook Air 2018, whether you have the "suit leather case" or not. Have tried other bags from other companies which were nice, but this beats them all.

Mike Rupertus (Canada)

 Grip Silver Xs Max Leather Case

Grip Silver Xs Max Leather Case


The quality and looks of this customized iPhone Xs MAX are outstanding. The leather combined with the silver on the side make it a real eye-catcher.

For more than 10 years I buy Vaja Cases because they are simply the best.

Franklin (United Kingdom)