Premium Design iPhone Leather Cases

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Vaja Cases owns the best selection of designer iPhone cases you'll ever find. Why dress your brand new iPhone with a plain and dull look when you can make a statement in leather? Argentina is home of the finest full grain leather in the world (we are famous for it!) and in Vaja we use only the best selection of it to make our cases. It does not matter if you prefer a more minimalistic look, or you want the comfort of keeping all your essentials in one place: here you will definitely find the perfect match for your device.


Beauty in technicolor

Each one of our designer iPhone leather cases is handcrafted by our expert leather artisans with special attention to detail from beginning to end. The intricate stitching, the soft leather lining, our aluminum Vaja logo… We didn't miss a thing in designing the phone case you've been dreaming of. If you can think of a style, we can surely recreate it! At Vaja cases there’s also a “Build your own” section where you can customize your case and imprint your style all over it. Select the combination you want from our extensive color palette, choose between the different leathers we have available and even pick the thread color or engrave your initials on it: the sky's the limit.

If you are feeling more on the daredevil side, exclusive Swarovski crystals and Sterling Silver accents are what you need. Just reach out and go for it! Your iPhone has never looked better.

We've made it our trademark to offer the most exclusive leather iPhone leather cases that allow you to keep using your phone while on the case. This means no fumbling to free your phone from its cover before you can use it. All of the features remain accessible with a case from Vaja: each model has specific cutouts and are even compatible with Apple certified QI-Wireless charging!

Caring for what’s important

We know your new iPhone X/XS is a precious thing, and it is definitely worth safekeeping. Our Grip iPhone leather cases offer a great deal of protection from any accidental bump, from edge to edge. And if you want to go a little further you are welcome to try our Wallet Agendas, or even the beautiful Top Leather case. Got your hands on an iPhone XS Max? You will not believe your eyes when you see our Folio Wallet stand! And since we know a thing or two about leather, we have dedicated an entire page on our site to educate you on the maintenance such material requires. Our leather is flexible and durable and requires only minimal care to keep it looking great and lasting long.

grip - iPhone XS Max leather case

Whether you want flashy colors with distinct stitching patterns or something more classic, you'll find it here. We even have a Wallet Wood leather case. That’s right, our Wallet Wood iPhone XS Max leather case has a thin and flexible wood sheet that comes in two different engraving styles. We encourage you to make it yours in every way, you can even pick out a Grip Amy iPhone X leather case with embroidered roses for that perfect gift. Let your imagination roam free and create the iPhone case you've always wanted. With this selection of premium leathers and at this prices… it will be hard to choose only one!


Regardless of what you are looking for when searching for the perfect iPhone leather cases, has a wide selection of different styles and a range of features and pricing that is sure to meet all your expectations. A case for your mobile phone should certainly be useful, but that does not mean that it can't be attractive, too. Our goal at Vaja is making cases that are as practical as they are stylish. Embellish your iPhone with a Silver accent case and show the world luxury does not necessarily mean impracticality.

Craftsmanship at its finest

Our leather artisans are experts in their craft. So when you buy a Vaja case, you know your iPhone will be protected by the very best out there. Our lovely leather cases have a soft interior lining that caress your iPhone, and are made from a sturdy backbone to endure everyday use.

Not ones to simply settle, we certainly don't stop there. If Vaja is going to supply you with a luxurious case for your iPhone, it absolutely must be functional. That's why every feature has specific cutouts that allow you access everything without removing your phone from its case. Don’t want any more bulky pockets? Try one of our Wallet leather cases. They include RFID protection to keep your cards safe and you can carry every essential in one place! And if you are thinking of getting the new iPhone XI with triple camera lens, well… our black matte camera eyelets will keep your photos on point even under low light conditions. Get your Vaja leather case today and you’ll confirm yourself why we are second to none when it comes to premium iPhone leather cases.