Stick Out from the Crowd with a Stylish Leather iPhone 10 Case

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Its our priority to handcraft irresistible iPhone 10 leather cases. We all know how important our device is, so why should you choose to protect it with an ordinary case when you can have a stylish, handcrafted case created to your specifications? With a Vaja leather case you will stand out from the crowd since we use only the best 10% of Argentine leather. All of our leather goods are completely handcrafted with full grain cowhide and natural markings are preserved to add character and maintain authenticity.

 Stylish Leather iPhone 10 Case

The detail and beauty that you deserve

Our cases are designed and created with the details we know you would include if you were designing them yourself. Checkout our Grip selection and feel the soft leather through your fingers. The hard polycarbonate frame gets fully wrapped with premium leather protecting the back of your astonishing Apple iPhone X. The grip iPhone Xs leather case features a black-framed camera eyelet for better pictures under low light conditions and a premium leather lining for better inside protection.

Edge to edge protection

We have a large selection of diverse designs specifically created for iPhone 10. Our top iPhone 10 leather case offers an edge to edge protection. It features a front flap that works as a barrier against everyday hazards. Perhaps our most secure option with full screen protection and magnetic closure. It is available in Veg-Tan Bridge leather or in all-weather Floater leather with a hard polycarbonate backbone, precise clamshell magnetic closure and Premium leather lining for ultimate protection.

Stylish Leather iPhone 10 Cases

Stylish iPhone 10 leather cases –Which leather type would you pick?

We've studied the iPhone for years, giving great attention to detail and letting you choose your favorite leather and color for your next case. This time you are the designer! Select your favorite options for your customizable iPhone 10 leather case. Be sure to read about each of our leather’s characteristics in our leather section. There are no two leather cases alike.

iPhone 10 leather and silver cases - Dramatic combination

If you think you’ve seen it all, let us introduce our luxurious silver collection. A magnificent mixture of leather and silver accents, all juxtaposed in an iPhone 10 leather case and iPhone Xs Max leather case. The hard polycarbonate frame completely embraced with premium Argentinean leather, is only the structure of this stunning buddy. Whether you prefer a minimalist grip, an edge to edge protective top case or an all-in-one wallet leather case, we’ve got the three options available in Silver for you. All three options present three different options of 925 silver accents and they are Apple certified – Qi wireless charging compatible.