4 Beautiful iPhone 10 Leather Cases - Protect Your iPhone in Style

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An upgrade to the Apple iPhone 10 also requires an update to your case. Too many iPhone owners do not put much thought into which case they should use to protect their phone. As one of the most expensive investments in your life, it makes sense to protect your iPhone with a durable and dependable case that will last a lifetime.

Leather iPhone cases out-protect plastic iPhone cases

Leather is proven to out-protect plastic cases on the market, which means that while the initial investment on an Apple iPhone 10 leather case may be a bit more, leather will outlast all others on the market. Beautiful, stylish, and durable, the Vaja apple iPhone 10 leather case adds a bit of style and sophistication, at the right price point. Say goodbye to the plastic, mass produced cases that require regular replacing year after year. When you consider how much you use your phone for work and personal life throughout the day, doesn’t it make sense to invest in the very best?

The Vaja iPhone 10 leather case is one of the best on the market

What makes Vaja different? Aside from the high quality Argentine leather used to make each iPhone 10 leather pouch, the case is hand-stitched by skilled artisans who make a one-of-a-kind product that cannot be found elsewhere. After holding a Vaja case in your hand, you will feel the difference immediately. The rich aroma of the specialty leather cannot be matched elsewhere. You will fall in love with the sleek and sophisticated design. Vaja cases are built with your lifestyle in mind, including everything from card holders to folio stands. We allow our customers to play a central role in the design process. Our customers can custom make their own iPhone 10 leather pouch from scratch, creating a true one-of-a-kind original that makes the perfect gift for family and friends. Some of our favorite's are the iPhone leather wallet cases, perfect for all occasions carrying your valuable possessions all in one beautiful leather wallet.

Read below and check out some of our best-sellers and most popular iPhone 10 cases, all come with beautiful handcrafted leather, fully-functionality, and some of the most stylish leather cases you’ll own…

Custom Grip Rider iPhone 10/iPhone XS Leather Case

In today’s world, many of us consider our iPhones to be our lifeline. We rely on them to conduct business, to store precious photos and memories, to keep in touch with loved ones, and to keep track of our everyday lives with calendars, reminders, and applications. Upgrading to the iPhone 10 also requires an upgrade on your iPhone case or cover. It only makes sense to wrap one of your most important and expensive investments in the very best quality case. If you are seeking a case for your iPhone 10 that is a cut above the rest, Vaja is the answer.


If your iPhone is prone to slipping through your hands, the Custom Grip Rider iPhone 10 case is the solution. The body is made of soft, supple bridge leather that is not only sleek and sophisticated but goes above and beyond in providing protection to your phone. Your phone will be easy to grip when you take that perfect selfie, once it’s wrapped in this luxurious case.

Custom Grip ID Leather iPhone 10 Case

It can be a struggle to find an iPhone case that delivers on practicality and style. The truth is, Vaja is one of the most brands on the market that has created a case for all versions of iPhone that is sleek, sophisticated, durable, and provides customers with the option to customize their design to fit their specifications. With the custom grip ID iPhone, customers can enjoy the same customization options that they have with Vaja’s other cases, including leather type, color, and different stitching options, while enjoying another feature.


In the Custom Grip ID iPhone 10, customers get the added bonus of having a convenient slot on the outside of the case to carry a credit card, driver’s license, or work ID. Minimalists who are striving to get by with as few accessories as possible will appreciate that the Custom Grip ID iPhone 10 allows them to carry everything they need right on their iPhone.

Customizable Leather Wallet LP iPhone 10

Most of us are always looking for ways to simplify our lives, make things more convenient, and live a more organized lifestyle. One of the easiest ways you can pull together your life is with the Vaja Customizable Wallet LP iPhone 10.


Vaja has created a case that combines a protective cover with your phone and a wallet for your credit cards, IDs, and gift cards. The delicate leather goes unmatched with any other wallet/iPhone cover on the market, making it a must have when you upgrade to the new iPhone 10.

Custom Grip iPhone 10 Leather Case

Sleek, modern, and beautiful, the Custom Grip iPhone 10 is one of the simplest and most versatile iPhone 10 cases in the Vaja collection. Available in both floater leather and bridge leather, you will immediately fall for the rich aroma of the leather as well as the soft touch.


The hard polycarbonate backbone ensures protection for your iPhone as you go from work to home and travel. As is the case with all Vaja cases, customers have the option to customize their case to fit their color and style preferences.