Premium iPhone Leather Cases - Protect Your iPhone with Style

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If you’re one of the lucky ones to own a new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or even iPhone 11 Pro Max, we know you’re looking for the ultimate case as well. Here at Vaja we handcraft the most protective and stylish iPhone 11 leather cases. Each one is handmade in Buenos Aires, Argentina… home to our premium leather. Paying the closest attention to detail, we design gorgeous iPhone 11 Pro leather cases and make sure they safeguard your device all around. The investment is well worth it, as our leather cases are both durable and resistant. Not to mention stunning!

iPhone Leather Case - Wallet

Shopping for an iPhone leather case

When shopping for an iPhone 11 Pro leather case, you surely want to guarantee your device is safe from bumps, scratches and such. We got you covered: whether you try our Folio iPhone 11 Pro Max leather case or a practical Wallet leather case with magnetic closure - Ours provide four corner protection and credit card slots. No more bulky pockets for you.

For those with a more minimalistic approach, our Grip iPhone 11 leather cases are perfect. You can get one of our “ready to ship” versions, or even customize one yourself on our “Build your own” section. See for yourself: our color palette will astound you! They make the perfect gift for those around you too: add their initials engraved on the back of the case for a unique experience.

Crossbody iPhone Leather Case

A unique, personalized experience

There’s a reason our iPhone leather cases are here to stay: we provide greater protection and an overall more stylish touch to your device, completing your look with the perfect accessory. Our collection of iPhone 11 Pro Max leather cases is made from full grain Argentinean cowhide, and examined thoroughly by our Quality control team to make sure they reach your hands in tiptop shape. Natural markings are left on the leather to preserve its character.

The more classic ones out there can choose one of our ready to ship items, in timeless colors such as Black or Saddle tan. These Folio Stand iPhone 11 Pro Max leather cases are built by our expert leather artisans, caring for each thread, credit card slot and magnet. We strive to give you clean port cutouts so once your iPhone is inside the case, it never needs to leave. Cradle your precious device in luxury as you custom-build a Top Silver iPhone 11 Pro leather case. It features a clamshell magnetic closure system, interior leather lining to protect your screen, and authentic .935 Silver accents! Make it yours and dare to stand out in the crowd.

Quality and craftsmanship of iPhone leather cases from Vaja

The quality and craftsmanship of Vaja iPhone leather cases is unbeatable. If you want a cover that is finely crafted, secure, yet also beautiful and sleek looking, look no further.

Custom Grip iPhone Leather Case

Our leather

Leather is a great way to get an absolutely stunning case that will last for years and keep your iPhone safe until you feel like upgrading it. We have been second to none for years when it comes to premium leather cases, and the reason behind it is that we love what we do. We believe that a case should enhance your phone, and not slow it down. That is why every case we make grants you easy, comfortable access to all of your device ports and screen.

Protect your investment against pretty much anything. You are not going to get that from a regular plastic iPhone case or anywhere else. If want the perfect match of form and functionality, just browse through our iPhone 11 leather cases collection. You won’t regret it!

iPhone LEATHER cases live longer

Compared to plastic cases, leather cases have a longer shelf life and actually improve in character overtime when the leather is properly cared for after purchase. Just take a look at our before and after pictures, you’ll see our Bridge leather develop a distinct patina over time and get an even deeper color. And that’s not mentioning the rich aroma, and soft feel only leather can give!

Argentina Leather for iPhone Cases

You take your iPhone everywhere you go. You use it to relax watching videos or playing games… you stay in touch with the ones you love or even use it for work. So why not care for it with our top quality iPhone 11 Pro leather cases as well? Choose between our Bridge, Floater and Pointille leather and make a statement out of your device. Dare to wear one of our Crossbody iPhone 11 Pro Max leather case and show the world that functionality and durability never go out of style...