Ready for the New iPhone 7 Leather Covers?

  • 2 min read

Autumn is almost here and Apple fanboys (and girls) know that means that the release of a new iPhone is imminent. Though it probably won't happen until September of 2016, there are rumors aplenty about how the iPhone 7 might differ from its predecessors. Naturally, size is always an issue with iPhones, so if you'll be one of the first to snag a new Apple smartphone, you won't be able to use your old phone case. But who wants to do that, anyway? Whether the buzz about a thinner phone with a slightly larger screen is true or not, just count on getting a new iPhone 7 leather cover for your new smartphone.

iPhone 7 Leather Covers and Cases

The next generation of Apple phones will require iPhone 7 leather covers designed specifically for them because you know Apple is going to move things around a bit. According to Apple Insider, a second speaker might take the place of the headphone jack, a feature that Bluetooth has pretty much made obsolete. If that happens, your phone case will require a bigger cutout where the headphone port used to be. There might even be an extra hole on the back under the microphone, though that's just speculation at this point and no one really knows what it would be used for. Still, and extra opening would require an extra cutout on the phone case, and accommodations would have to be made for a magnetic port if Apple ends up offering "Plus" versions that dock on a Smart Connector.

As October draws near, everyone will be hearing more and more about the next generation of iPhone, so many of these rumors may be confirmed in the near future. Whatever features the iPhone 7 ends up having, you can count on Vaja to create fabulous, functional iPhone 7 leather covers that are as durable as they are attractive.