The New iPhone 7 Leather Cases

  • 2 min read

So the iPhone 7 is finally here... excited? There has been both good and bad reviews, mixed feelings, and new features introduced with the release of the new iPhone 7.  The new iPhone 7 is starting around $650, without any upgrade discounts. That's a pretty steep price for most, but rest assured, anyone with a "free upgrade" with their cell carrier will no doubt jump at the chance to get their new iPhone 7. Next step... getting your new phone to look even better, with a luxury iPhone 7 leather case.

We've designed one of the nicest looking iPhone cases to date, for the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Our leather is from Argentina, displaying the look of luxury from any way you look at the cover. Soft to the touch, all leather used in our products is full grain cowhide and taken from the top 10% of Argentina's leather... Strength, quality, and character in the grain is something we look for in all our leather.

Luxury iPhone 7 Leather Cases

Whether you have the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, we have beautiful leather cases starting from $69 and up. Brown, tan, black, and combinations of colors are just some of the choices you have when looking for a new leather phone cover. VAJA cases and covers are the perfect way to stand out from the crown and display your beautiful, luxury-themed case. We have iPhone Wallet leather cases that has pockets for credit cards and folded bills. We also have the Lola XO premium leather wristlet the includes detachable wristlet.

View all our iPhone 7 leather cases online at VAJA and make sure you're phone is protected, and still looks good!