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Did you know that Leather Cases are ranked in the top list of most popular leather accessories? And there is no surprise about it, since 5.000 B.C, primitive man has use this magnificent artefact for cover and protection from the outside world. Today it remains as symbol of wealth and status for those who seek comfort and quality.

Want to become a Vaja Leather Connoisseur? The following facts will help you take a wise decision when choosing your next iPhone X Leather Case.  Let’s start!

If you just order a Veg-Tan Bridge Leather Case, then you have scored a halfway line goal. Its natural Patina developed with age will enhance the beauty of your iPhone X Leather Case as time goes by. Leather lover’s favorite one. Let’s talk about our All-Weather Bridge Leather, with unique small and uniform grains it is a great option for every day use since it offers an enhanced resistance to wear, soil and light. Check out our Floater Wallet Agenda Leather Cases, specially designed to make a statement. Obtained from shoulders and front legs of the bull, our Pampa Leather is a one of a kind beauty with oily finish, chosen around the world for its character, strength and resistance. A real cowboy Leather type. Finally, as soft and delicate as a rose petal, but yet strong and resilient, Vaja´s Caterina Leather is the most accurate choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Recommended for high impact use and active lifestyles.

BEAUTIFUL Leather Cases for Phones and Tablets

When we first decided to start Vaja Cases, we promised to ourselves to design and manufacture only the best Leather Cases ever handmade. Today, 18 years later, our customer’s reviews are a soft touch of soul, knowing we have exceed expectations and continue creating art as Leather market leaders year after year.

Vaja Cases designs some of the most stylish, rugged, beautiful leather cases for iPads, iPhones, Samsung Phones and more. Check out some of our new iPhone leather cases that you can buy "as is", or customize the colors to your liking:

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