Dress Your Device to Impress

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So you have your gorgeous iPhone at home and now you are wondering how you are going to protect such beauty. Look no further than Our designers work overtime to bring you the most protective and high-quality leather cases for the iPhone available in the market. Our covers are more than just a protective measure for keeping your phone clean and scratch-free. Our vast leather collection dresses your phone to give it a stylish, fashionable look -- one you've probably been looking for but haven't been able to find. That's because no one has the vision for design like Vaja Cases does.

Our strategically placed cutouts allow you to plug in your headphones, capture those Instagram moments any time you need with our black-framed camera eyelets and the cutouts for the iPhone case microphone and speaker include high quality mesh to protect them from dust and other small but destructive elements that could potentially affect how your phone operates. Those are only some of our impressive features included in our iPhone Xs Max leather cases.

iPhone Leather Cases and Wallet

Our Soft and Premium Leathers

At Vaja Cases we only use the top 10 percent of the highest quality Argentine leather in an array of colors and finishes. From matte to full grain and in almost any shade you could desire, you'll find an iPhone leather case that makes the statement you've been wanting to make. We are aware that your iPhone deserves the best iPhone leather cases available. It's hard not to put that idea across when you've outfitted your phone in a full leather case from Vaja Cases. If you want a cover for your phone or other device that isn't like everyone else's, we're your source for unique and stylish covers. All of our cases feature the perfect combination of style and functionality that you deserve.

Be Your Own Designer

We encourage you to customize the cover design of your choice with the leather and the colors that fit you best. Merge yourself in our color palette and let us handcraft the iPhone leather case you dreamed of. Our leather artisans will meticulously gather each piece turning it into a stunning piece of art. And of course your case will be hand-stitched with the utmost attention being paid to every little detail.

Customized Leather iPhone Cases

Looking for a cool iPhone Xr leather case can be a tough order. Most places offer cases that look pretty much the same, and the ones that do get different can be tough to use your phone with. At Vaja Cases, we believe in making great phone cases for each one of you. We offer only the finest and long-lasting iPhone leather cases.

Monogram it with Your Initials

Each one of our leather cases is custom made and the cool part is that you get to choose everything about your case, from the cut, to the texture, all the way to the color. Need your initials embossed? No problem, you just need to type your initials in the checkout section and we´ll make sure that your name or companies logo travels with you anywhere you go. We know how important is for you to dress your device to impress for any occasion. Let us do what we do best, let us handcraft your dream case!

Minimalist Designs with Edge-to-Edge Protection

If you are not worried so much about shock protection, we have minimalist designs to choose from such as our grip iPhone Xs Max leather case, featuring four corner protection and a premium leather lining. If you want real protection from accidental falls, we have great cases for that too. Meet our Folio iPhone Xs Max leather case or our iPhone Xs Wallet leather case with edge to edge protection including screen and ports. If you want an iPhone XI leather case that lets you use your phone, looks great and grips even better, but still offers excellent protection, then you are in the right place. Take a look through our galleries and see what sorts of choices you have when it comes to your next iPhone XI leather case.

Beautiful iPhone X Leather Case

Do Not Hesitate, Get a VAJA Leather Case Today

You may have seen a lot of phone cases, but nothing like our iPhone leather case selection. In addition to elegant design and stylish leather choices, all of our phone cases are handcrafted by skilled artisans who pay painstaking attention to every detail of your cover. You will never be able to find the durable high quality in a phone cover like that anywhere but at Vaja. It is our goal to continue handcrafting well designed leather products with the best quality materials that ensure you will get a one of a kind iPhone leather case that will last for years to come. Do not hesitate and get a unique Vaja leather case.