Fun iPhone 6 Plus Covers

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In today's world, our iPhones and Blackberries follow us everywhere, and we use our devices to manage both our personal and professional lives. For sleek and stylish yet functional cell phone covers, many people trust Vaja - home to the finest handcrafted Argentine leather cases on the market. In addition to fun iPhone 6 covers, we also have fine leather cases for iPad, iPod, Blackberry, mp3's, in addition to fine leather wallets. Vaja gives each customer the opportunity to personalize and customize each case. Customers can engrave their name or company logo on their case, in addition to cut-outs where you need them and options such as soft leather lining and matching leather lining. Fun iPhone 6 Plus Covers

Fun iPhone 6 Plus Covers - Customize Using YOUR Colors!

The Vaja iPhone covers are made to protect your phone. Consider all of the precious data your phone holds - important phone numbers, emails, text messages, and apps that manage your entire life. Considering how easily you could drop your phone or expose it to harsh weather conditions like extreme heat or cold, it makes sense to invest in a high quality case that can withstand low impact accidents. We build our cases with stainless mesh protection that protect your device's microphone and speaker again dust or other particles that could damage your phone. While rubber and plastic iPhone covers are cheaper in cost, they fail to protect your phone in the same way as our fine leather wallets. Vaja carries a fine selection of the finest handcrafted Argentine leather mobile covers and accessories that will last for years after purchase. Each piece is a true original - authentic markings and blemishes are left in the raw material. Cases can be dyed to match your color preference. Handmade by skilled artisans, each piece is a true, one-of-a-kind original. Vaja covers make a thoughtful and special gift for your friends and family as well! iPhone 6 plus covers and all our iPhone covers can be customized with your colors!