iPhone 6 Plus Covers

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iPhone 6 Plus CoversWith their ultra slim profile and larger than normal screens, it may be difficult to find iPhone 6 Plus covers for Apple's newest smartphone. That is, unless you come to Vaja. Our design team worked around the clock when the rest of the world was counting down to Apple's unveiling. We wanted to have designs for phone cases on hand that would not only fit the size of the new smartphones but also accommodate the functionality of the devices. This meant being as precise as we could when it came to placing cutouts for buttons, speakers and camera lenses. When you take a look at the iPhone 6 Plus covers Vaja came up with, you'll be impressed at the accuracy. Our designers were successful in creating gorgeous smartphone cases that compliment the phones' design stunningly and facilitate usability. We're proud of the iPhone 6 Plus covers we've come up with, but leave plenty of room on the stage for you to be proud, too. That's because when you choose a Vaja cover, you take part in the creative process and truly make it your own. Choose the style, the leather, the color and other options such as laser etching to create a phone case that is one of a kind.

Looking for the Best iPhone 6 Plus Covers?

Come to Vaja for durable, long lasting and tasteful smartphone cases. With our artisan craftsmen using only Argentine leather, we're the only ones who provide quality alongside functionality and style. When you can get all three, there's no reason to settle for an off the rack phone case from a department or electronics store. Vaja specializes in hitting the market with new iPhone covers just as soon as a new version is released, but we make phone covers for other smartphones and gadgets, as well. That's why you always come to Vaja first.