iPhone 6 Plus Cover

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Grip Grip LP Agenda Wallet Agenda Agenda LP
Because of its unusual size, not just any case will do as an iPhone 6 Plus cover. When Apple released two versions of its newest generation, the iPhone 6 Plus's size took some off guard. Its generous proportions, along with many of its functions, make it more of a mini-tablet that you can use to make phone calls. It's become more of a PDA than most phones before it. The iPhone 6 Plus's versatility make it an important part of your day every day and, therefore, it needs the best protection possible. That protection is available with an iPhone 6 Plus cover from Vaja. iPhone 6 Plus CoverVaja Cases was the first on the market to have a leather iPhone 6 Plus cover available immediately after the phone's release. We knew customers would want our special brand of luxury phone case to cover and protect their new device. We've since released a number of other cover designs for the iPhone 6 Plus to give you as many choices as possible. From the open-face Grip that covers the sides and back of your phone to the Agenda and Nuova Pelle designs that provide more coverage and protection, you have plenty of options for carrying your phone in style.

We Have Beautiful iPhone 6 Plus Cover - Make it Your Own Colors

Of course we always encourage you to make it your own, so each of the iPhone 6 Plus covers we create for the iPhone are done with your help. After you've chosen your favorite style of cover, you get to select a leather type as well as a combination of colors from our exclusive pallet. The result is a stunning and stylish phone cover that you won't see anyone else carrying. Once you've had a Vaja case, you'll recognize the difference. Offering you the opportunity to create a quality, one-of-a-kind phone case that's well-designed and well-built is what Vaja does best.