iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case

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iPhone 6 Plus Leather CaseWhen you get a new iPhone, you expect innovation with each iteration, but unfortunately, most companies that offer cases do not evolve with the phone. However, the new iPhone 6 plus leather case from Vaja Case showcases brand new ideas and innovations that enhance the way you use your phone without losing anything from the iPhone cases that you know and love. Our commitment to quality shows in everything we do, which is why our new line of cases still starts with the same top notch Argentine leather, handcrafted to your phone. Truly, when you go with Vaja for your iPhone 6 plus leather case, you are getting the best case possible. So what do you get when you go with the new iPhone 6 plus leather case? Customization is one of the easiest things to mention. We have recently added a choice for your lining. Soft lining allows you to get a lighter, softer, brown leather to line the inside of the case. This allows for a softer touch for the technology you depend on every day. Or you can go with the matching liner, which allows for the same leather you chose on the outside for the inner lining, giving a little more protection for your phone.

A Unique and Customizable iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case

Magnetic closure is a new option, specifically designed to be powerful, but also not to interfere with your device. Snap closures are also available. Personalization is also available with your preferred script, so you can write your name, company logo, motto, or anything else you want to give that case a truly unique look. You also get the same expert cutouts to give you access to all of your phones amazing capabilities. At Vaja Cases, we believe that your experience with your phone is important, so we design cases to enhance that experience. Take a look at what we can offer you today.
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