Lama wallet

Color: Sand Black - Floater Black
Sand Henna - Floater Black
Sand Black - Floater Black
    • Two pockets hold up to 6 bills and 6 card
    • 4,09 in x 3.0 in / 104mm x 78mm
    • Premium Argentinian Sand Leather exterior, Bridge leather interior
    • Minimalist, slim design that breaks in over time
    • Available in Henna, Ebony and Black


    So, you go to work every day, you spend money on food, clothes and beers in your favorite bar right?

    Every time you pull your wallet out you are exposing a clear mirror of you! It’s time to avoid bulky pockets and carry your bills and credit cards in a minimalist wallet handcrafted with the best 10% premium Argentinean leather. Let us introduce the Lama Wallet.

    Features include six credit card slots and a cash compartment. Completely wrapped in exterior Sand Leather juxtaposed with Bridge leather interior.

    Pay with style, our Lama Wallet never gets old.