Customizable Vaja Pro-Mask 1.2

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Leather Face mask protector / Available in multiple colors / Metal eyelet design / Motorcycle leather face mask / Adjustable elastic headbands / Anti-fog mask / Aluminum nose clip for a snug fit (replaceable) / Detachable magnetic inner liner / Washable and reusable inner liner / Multiple breathable vents / Exterior: All-weather Floater leather / interior: Soft Caterina leather / 100 % Handcrafted / Not medical grade / You can use a medical-grade mask inside.
Ready to Ship Mask available here / Replaceable inner linners available here / Replaceable nose clip available here / Replaceable elastic headbands here/ Replaceable elastic ear loops here

Vaja Mask 1.2 - Full leather face mask

The essential accessory for 2020

Restructuring not just our lives only but our closets as well has become part of 2020 and we are happy to continue offering alternative ways of making a first impression while keeping you safe. The new Pro-mask 1.2 with metal eyelets is perhaps the most trendy and stylish accessory available in our store and today, you get to design your own face mask leather protector with your favorite color combination.

Vaja Mask 1.2 - Full leather face mask
Vaja Mask 1.2 - Full leather face mask

Adaptability, resilience and creativity

The refined metal eyelets reflect the essence of the Pro-mask 1.2 which is fully wrapped in all-weather Floater leather in the exterior and Caterina soft leather in the interior. Ideal for motorcycle riders, the leather face mask and motorcycle leather face mask features plenty of vent holes, 8 metal eyelets, elastic and adjustable headbands and a smart attachment system with small magnets that fix the inner liner inside the mask, keeping it far from your mouth and nose so you can breathe normally. The adjustable nose clip is also replaceable and it can be carefully flexed for a snug fit

Vaja Mask 1.2 - Full leather face mask

Adjustable nose clip

Please note that the aluminum nose clip is delicate and will crack if flexed more than necessary. It is meant to be placed in a comfortable position without bending it back and forward constantly. If for some reason your clip breaks, don't worry... it can easily be replaced and you can find a three units pack available in the following link.

Detachable Inner Liner

The Vaja Pro Leather Mask 1.2 includes one detachable inner liner. Theinner liner is exchangeable and washable. It perfectly suits inside the Vaja Leather Mask 1.2 thanks to the magnetic holder system and two side elastic bands. The set of two magnets keeps the liner in optimal position avoiding the fabric to interfere with your mouth while talking. You can also buy extra liners here.

Vaja Mask 1.2 - Full leather face mask