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Defining your workspace is now possible with our customizable leather desk accessories. Our Vaja luxury leather desk padis handcrafted from start to finish by Argentinean leather artisans and it is the perfect place to set your laptop or external keyboard, mouse, and other desk elements. We spend a large portion of our days at a desk and we want you to enhance it according to your personality. It is designed to improve the user's experience with a fully sewed and sleek design. its organizational benefits will provide comfort and order, giving your desk some personality. If you want to also protect your workspace, check out our customizable deluxe iMac leather desk padfully wrapped in Vaja leather. The iMac luxury leather desk pad protects your desk and significantly improves the appearance of any piece of furniture. Each piece of leather used in our production is a by-product that is refined to a beautiful and durable end-product instead of being sent to a landfill or used for energy. Now that you have your MagSafe charger it is important to house it in our customizable leather MagSafe charger stand. Minimalist, beautiful, and useful. With a unique combination of Caterina soft leather and Guayubira duo-tone wood, the MagSafe charger stand is precisely designed to fit the MagSafe charging cable turning it into a charging station. Our leather and wood MagSafe charger stand feature a tight fit so when you pick up your phone the charger will not come with you, a non-slippery base, and an absolutely handsome design mixed with wood and leather. A timeless apple MagSafe accessory that’s perfect for your desk. Finally, if you want to match the rest of your desk accessories, our customizable Vaja leather pen holder is the epitome of luxurious pen accessories. ideal for holding your most precious fountain pen preventing unwanted scratches while holding your pen or pencils securely in place. Our customizable leather pen holder for the desk is fully handcrafted by skilled leather artisans in Argentina and it features an ergonomic shape made of duo-tone Guayubira wood and buttery soft Caterina leather. It holds up to 1 pen or 3 pencils inside until you’re ready to write. Wrap your essentials in Vaja leather and define your workspace with style.