Custom Leather Cases by Vaja


At Vaja Cases we know that you deserve accessories that enhance and represent your personal style. Consumers who know exactly what they want in a protective cover for their electronic devices no longer have to settle, thanks to our build your own section. The soft, buttery feel of the Argentine leather, the sleek design and attention to detail, and rich aroma cannot be beat. Our beautiful premium leather products will make your life much easier for years to come. If you’ve been searching for high quality leather cases for your iPhone, iPad or Macbook the search ends now.

There are many selections to choose from in the market of cases for iPads, iPhones, and other electronics. Have you ever stopped to think about the message you’re sending through your electronics? In our world today, electronics follow us everywhere – into the boardroom, a work lunch, conferences, and into our homes. Let us provide the beauty, sophistication, and style that will allow you to walk into any of these scenarios feeling confident and prepared. Looking pulled together is half the battle, and with Vaja’s cases, you no longer have to worry about it.


We are proud to offer something different. We handcraft products that are as unique as our consumers, allowing you to customize each case, cover, and wallet to fit your personal preferences. Whether you like buttery soft Caterina, natural Veg-Tan Bridge or all weather Floater Leather we’ve got you covered. We offer engraving options for individuals who want to add a personal message, initials, or company name onto their case. We offer gorgeous cases that will fit all different versions of the iPhone, no matter if you have an old one or the ultimate iPhone X! We are all about protection and style.

If you are looking to build and further your professional and personal brand, look no further than Vaja Cases. Our sleek, beautiful, and attractive cases, stunning leather backpacks and Messenger bags will allow you to walk into any setting and immediately radiate confidence and style.