Custom Folio iPhone Xr Leather Case

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iPhone Xr Leather Case / Clamshell Magnetic Closure / Apple certified – Qi wireless charging / compatible / Hard Polycarbonate backbone / Black-framed camera eyelet / Stainless steel Vaja logo / Premium Leather Lining / Available in Bridge with Floater Leather / Product Weight: 0.13 lbs

Custom Folio iPhone Xr Leather Cases


With the Folio Xr leather case, you can choose your favorite colors and leathers. Imagine the soft leather in your hands, breathing in the rich leather aroma! The customizable iPhone Xr Folio leather case is designed to offer a comprehensive edge to edge PROTECTION for your new iPhone Xr with a magnetic closure system and a premium leather lining. Available in Veg-Tan Bridge leather or in Floater Leather, this book style piece of art will protect your device from accidental drops and scratches.

Custom Folio iPhone Xr Leather Cases
Custom Folio iPhone Xr Leather Cases


The iPhone Xr Folio leather case features a hard polycarbonate frame with UNIQUE protective properties, it is fully wrapped with top-notch Argentine leathers. It has a black-framed camera eyelet to enhance your Instagram moments, a stainless steel VAJA badge and it is QI wireless charging compatible. What else could you ask for on a leather case!

Custom Folio iPhone Xr Leather Cases

Designed and built to last, this luxurious companion will look after your device as you navigate your day. For all of our leather cases with a folded cover, we suggest leaving the flap half-open when performing a phone call to avoid covering the back mic.