Custom iPhone 12 Mini Leather Cases


Every year we confirm once again that your iPhone is the gift that keeps on giving. If you are lucky enough to own a new iPhone 12 Mini, you most definitely want to keep it safe. Our customizable iPhone 12 Mini leather cases are the best option all around, keep scrolling to know why!

Get the most out of your new device with a collection of iPhone 12 Mini leather cases that’s up to the task. You’ll fall in love with every detail, and never buy a cheap, off-the-rack plastic case again! Our expert artisans work on every Grip iPhone 12 Mini leather case to ensure you get a premium quality case every single time. Its minimalistic design pairs wonderfully with the gorgeous device, without clashing. Some of the features include specific port cut outs, 100% Argentinian leather, and a black frame camera eyelet that will guarantee incredible photos even in poor light conditions.

Our 20+ years of expertise have taught us that functionality is just as important as quality: These iPhone 12 Mini Wallet leather cases feature RFID protection and are compatible with Apple certified QI-Wireless charging. You don’t ever need to take it out of the case! Not that you’d want to…


We know it can be a bit tricky to tell the difference between our leathers, but once you pick the style that’s suitable for you, there is no turning back. We take pride in using only the best 10% of Argentinian leather available. You will find it’s a rewarding experience even from the unboxing moment. Every customizable iPhone 12 Mini leather case is handmade and wrapped in Floater or Bridge leather, and the interior features leather lining so every inch of your iPhone is cradled in luxury. Select one of our stunning colors and make sure they match your attitude.

Let your imagination roam free and customize the best option for you! You can even choose if you’d like yours to feature Magsafe functionality or not.


The thinnest, and lightest iPhone available is here. Even in its simplicity it is stunning, and we would not dare to mess with that. Protect it from scratches, bumps and accidental jolts with one of our iPhone 12 Mini leather cases. Our resistant polycarbonate frames are designed to keep your iPhone 12 Mini secure, including your essentials such as credit cards, ID and bills. Keep everything in one place with an iPhone 12 Mini Wallet leather case, and say goodbye to bulky pockets.