The FUN Online Tool - Customize Your iPhone Leather Case Online at VAJA

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Just about everyone out there has touched leather at some point in their life. But, very few have felt the soft, butter touch of some of the best leather in the world.... leather from Argentina. The same can be said about covers for your smart phones, or a nice travel bag, or even s simple leather wallet... just about everyone has had their hands on one at some time. This is where VAJA steps up, delivering some of the finest leather products available. The main focus from VAJA is luxury, beautifying, simplicity, and STYLE.... with every product we handcraft.

iPhone Xr Leather Wallet Case

Customize the Color and Leather.... ONLINE!

To go even farther, VAJA gives you the tools to customize the look and feel of your new iPhone leather cover, or leather cover for your Samsung or Blackberry. While online at our store, you can play with the customization tool picking out the colors you want your new beautiful leather case to have. Whether you're buying for the entire team... you can create a leather phone cover that sports your team colors. Many people have been customizing the leather covers for their company holiday parties, making them the same colors as the company logo. It doesn't matter what you're customizing the phone covers for, VAJA delivers top of the line, beautiful luxurious leather covers.

The iPhone X and Xr Leather Phone Cases

The iPhone X and iPhone Xr are two of the hottest selling iPhone leather cases at VAJA. Everyone has rushed to buy their new iPhone, and now they’re protecting their phones with fresh, soft leather from VAJA. There are currently three versions of the iPhone XR leather cases that can be customized. The ever-so-popular iPhone Xr leather wallet cover. A great way to store your credit cards along with your phone in one safe STYLISH way.

Custom iPhone Xr Leather Cases

The custom Folio iPhone Xr leather case is another popular one that people can change the leather can colors before they hit “buy”. One of the popular ones is the custom Grip iPhone leather case. Very stylish, very popular. All are Qi wireless charging compatible with the absolute premium leather lining you’d expect from VAJA cases. We also make beautiful "stock" leather cases for the iPhone Xr.

Buy a Customized VAJA Leather Case for Your Phone Today

Check out our online inventory, choose your own colors, choose our own leather… you believe the beautiful aroma once you open your box and feel the soft leather hit your hands. VAJA has been handcrafting some of the finest leather cases around, just about everyone who has one, always comes back for another once they update their phone.