Should I upgrade to the iPhone 8?

  • 2 min read

The recent release of the iPhone 8 has many of us asking, is it time for me to upgrade my iphone? While the iPhone 8 does share similar features to earlier models of the iPhone, the latest version boasts features that will impress even those of us who are hesitate to upgrade from our older version. 

What can folks expect if they upgrade to the iPhone 8?

The greatest features of this latest iPhone include a sharper, higher quality camera, with 4K ultra HD video recording capabilities, including a slow-motion feature, which was not offered in the iPhone 7. For consumers who use their phones to capture fast-moving action such as sports, the iPhone 8 offers a noticeable difference. The new version also offers a doubled maximum frame rate used for shooting in slow motion. The video capabilities far exceed that of the iPhone 7, and consumers who enjoy making short films or simply like recording life’s special moments will notice a huge difference. Other features include a longer battery life, and wireless charging. The released of the iPhone X has been highly anticipated with pricing that lands close to $1,000. Many consumers seeking an upgrade are wondering if it’s worth waiting a few weeks, foregoing the upgrade to the 8 in anticipation for the iPhone X.

The Perfect Leather Case for your Phone

Consumers who make the upgrade will also notice that the upgrade has a glass backing that is reinforced by a steel and copper structure to prevent damage in the event of a sudden drop. Consumers who subject their phones to sudden, accidentally drops will appreciate this “tough as steel” backing. The new version also claims to be “water-resistant,” which means that your data will survive in the event of a sudden drop in the sink.

If you are considering an upgrade to the iPhone 8, now is a good time to also upgrade your case. While there are many options on the market for iPhone 8 leather cases, few are made with the quality and craftsmanship to stand the test of time. For a unique Apple iPhone leader case to fit your new iPhone 8, we recommend Vaja – one of the highest quality phone covers on the market. Made from beautiful, soft, buttery Argentine leather, you will be hard pressed to find better quality.