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There’s no greater feeling than getting your brand new iPhone in your hands that very first time...

The rush that comes with it… there’s no match for it. And we sure know it. That’s why our mission is to create the ultimate iPhone 11 leather cases for you to protect your device from any environmental harm.

Our exclusive designs are the result of very careful research, and our expertise in handcrafting premium iPhone leather cases. We are simply second to none.

Protection in style

Our exclusive collection of iPhone 11 leather cases is not only a fashion statement all on its own. Once you get a Grip iPhone 11 Pro leather case in your hands, you’ll see our cases are 100% handmade using only the best 10% of Argentinean leather. Your new device will be protected all around with a resistant polycarbonate frame that cradles it, and the soft touch of genuine leather.

iPhone 11 Leather Case - Wallet

Looking for a little something extra? You will definitely fall in love with the stunning iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet leather case. Built for pros, and built to last. The exquisite quality of it, the attention to detail… there is no better home for your essentials. RFID protected, you can keep all your credit cards in their individual slots and rest assured that they are secured. Same goes for your iPhone 11 Pro Max, keep it safe inside our premium cases and never think twice about bumps or scratches.

We feel that a cutting-edge tech gadget such as the iPhone 11 deserves a leather case that can keep up, and when it comes to the very best, Vaja Cases leads the way. Even the interior of our premium iPhone leather cases is lined with soft leather to add quality and durability to an already awesome case.

Bring your designs to life!

First of all, think about which one of our premium leathers you like best. You can go for the veg-tanned Bridge leather, which ages beautifully and develops a unique patina - making your case one-of-a-kind. Or perhaps you would prefer our all-weather Floater leather. This is a more grained leather that endures wear and tear maintaining its color as vivid as the first day for a long time. Getting an iPhone 11 Wallet leather case? Even better, you can mix and match!

iPhone 11 Leather Case

Now that you know which leather you want, let’s think of color combinations. Let your imagination roam free and create the best iPhone 11 Pro Max leather case you can think of. Maybe even match your favorite jacket? Or a new, remixed version of that old iPhone 6 case you used to have… The sky’s the limit! Keep it neutral with our earthy tones or even mix a light color with a vivid Floater leather. Once you take a closer look to our color palette you’ll want them all.

Go the extra mile

One of the best attributes the new iPhone 11 Pro has is that it’s gorgeous all around. So how can we compete with such beauty? Simply by making something even more stunning. And because we know “less is more”… We kept it simple and created the minimalistic Silver Grip iPhone 11 Pro leather case. Make it your own by matching the leather color you like to one of our authentic Sterling Silver edges.

Brown iPhone Leather Wallet Case

Authentic design iPhone leather cases

Here at Vaja Cases we don’t just wrap a plastic backbone in leather and ship them out. Each one is handcrafted by our leather artisans: from a resistant polycarbonate frame, with every stitch in place and the highest quality leather there is.

Black frame camera cutouts so your pictures are incredible even in dimly lit scenarios, specific port cutouts so you can use every feature on your iPhone 11 Pro without taking it out of the case… Our iPhone 11 Pro Max leather cases are even QI-Wireless charging compatible! We thought of everything so you don't have to.

Every step of the way is special, because you are special. Start by selecting the best case for you from our “Ready to ship” or “Build your own” collections. Get in touch with your adventurous self and get a Grip Rider iPhone 11 Pro leather case to join you on the road! Adding extra cushion and protection to your iPhone 11 Pro and matching your bold lifestyle. You can even give the LP Grip iPhone 11 Pro Max case a chance! Once you figure out which leather is the best option for you, you’re ready to pick out the colors. Our color palette will leave you speechless!

Brown iPhone Leather Case - Wallet

Take your time and design the perfect iPhone 11 Pro leather case

Even if you pick out one of our ready to ship options, the case you get is certified premium quality. Handmade by experts and shipped from Buenos Aires, Argentina directly into your hands.

Our 20 years in the market handcrafting the finest leather goods out there is the only proof you need: we are experts on our craft. Protection, quality and innovative design are all part of the Vaja experience. Even unboxing your iPhone  case is quite a rush. The joy of knowing you hold in your hands a leather good that’s not manufactured like other thousands by a machine. But built from premium materials, by hand, and one of a kind. From our hands to yours.

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